Monday, March 6, 2017

The summit

Growth.....if we are aware of it, we grow and change everyday. The older I get the more aware I am, and the stronger I have become. This blog started when I was at my weakest. I had not known pain so big until I watched my infant son fight for oxygen. Since then I have become aware of the lessons each day brings me. Life doesn't bring just one big mountain. Everyday is a mountain of its own. It can be as big as a terminal diagnosis, or a chronic illness not yours but your child's  or even a life long friend breaking your heart. The growth comes when you reach the summit, and look at the mountain you just scaled. The persistence it took to keep moving upwards. At the summit, you breathe out, and you grow. Then you do it all over again. Nothing is certain when we go to sleep at night. If we are blessed to wake up, then we are blessed to summit the next mountain. Each summit is beautiful in its own way as you look over the valleys you were in before the struggle of the climb. The most beautiful part is the growth, and that we continue to grow

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Rebecca Jo said...

Well said!!!
Always a chance for growth over every hill & valley