Tuesday, January 20, 2015

My job as a pancreas is a damn roller coaster.

Max came up stairs and said "mommy I don't feel good" diabetes 101, check blood sugar. It had only been 1.5 hours since dinner too. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. There is good news. My smart five year old recognized that he felt different and he came to me and said he didn't feel good. THIS IS HUGE at his age. 
Blueberries and yogurt brought those numbers right up. Sleep tight Max, cause I won't. 


mom in iowa said...

Poor buddy! But good for him for recognizing that something wasn't right.
My husband was recently diagnosed as well & we too are riding the rollar coaster. He may not be a child, but he's just as picky of an eater as one so my job as a "mom" to him has been interesting.
It'll get easier... It has to, right?!

Anonymous said...

you may not be able to stop long enough to realize this, but you're doing a great job!