Saturday, September 27, 2014

Kids will be kids

When I first learned about RTS, my first fear was how would society treat Alex? I worried how kids would treat him. Alex  owns who he is and the kids who know him, love him. My fears are always immediately put to rest around children. Kids will be kids.  They just love. 

Saturday, September 6, 2014


Seven years ago on the seventh day of September you came into our lives. Your first experience in this world was fighting to live. For the next few years everything you needed to do was a struggle, a fight. Every fight, and every struggle I was there rejoicing in your success and crying through the setbacks. All that time I was there because you needed me. I was unaware of how much I needed you, how we all needed you. At first glance it may appear as though your hand is being, held, and guided through this life. But............
If we look deeper into the past at the changes that have occurred,  the loved ones that have come into our lives, the transformations that have taken place, and the paying it forward that continues to get paid. If we really look at what is,we see that it is you guiding our hand. Your consistent smile, your determination, your remarkable ability to see the magic of this world and not to be tainted by all the ugly. 
Seven years ago on the seventh day of September we were unsure if you would live, and if you would how hard things were going to be. Today, on your day I want you to know that holding your hand has been nothing but a blessing, and you little man are the one teaching, and guiding, with no verbal words  you are changing the world, blessing those around you, and setting an example. 

Happy golden birthday Alex. We love you.