Monday, April 15, 2013

4 Points lost


We made a family trip to the Saint Louis Children's Museum over spring break. Everyone else we knew seemed to be ocean side, so it felt good on our egos to say we did something fun with the kids. 4 good parenting points................

When out in public I see others notice Alex. He can be very loud as he "sings" and makes his voice known. He is easily spotted in a crowd with his large swinging movements, and rocking. Our family is so used to it. The brothers don't even notice, or at least don't show that they notice. When out in public it is not Alex I notice, but the strangers who notice Alex.

Some people say I can have a negative outlook. I like to say it is a real perspective, not jaded by fairy tales and rainbows. Yeah, I often times assume the worst. It feels safe to me, and many times I am right to do so.
So when I noticed a little boy in an orange shirt who could not stop looking at Alex, I assumed he was a little jerk, and I looked around for his mother to teach him some manners. No parenting points for her on her museum trip!
We entertained the kids by building a tower, and letting Alex knock it down. He SQUEALS in excitement, moans in anticipation, and sometimes a tear or two when overwhelmed. Then I noticed the boy. He was drawn to Alex, he appreciated Alex and his joy. He wasn't thinking mean thoughts, nope, I was.................. 4 points taken away............

Kids aren't naturally mean or judgmental they learn all that from us, our assumptions, and our ignorance.

 Lesson learned!

New chapter

I just registered this baby for kindergarten

Time to write a new chapter..........................