Saturday, October 15, 2011

Playing keep up

This is officially the longest have gone without blogging. I have never been busier. If I'm honest I have never been happier.
This blog started out very much as therapy, a place to vent the feelings that having a differently abled child brought.
From time to time I am reminded that Alex is different, sometimes it still stings, I guess. I just don't need to vent as much, and I could be wrong, but it doesn't hurt anymore.
I know that the future will bring new challenges that I wont even think about right now because I don't need to.
At this moment in life things are perfect.
Don't you think? Fall is here, school is here, and I have started working full time. It is an adjustment for all of us, but it was time. Speaking of time, I have none. I feel like I am always playing keep up. With the laundry, with the boys, homework, friends, husband, there just isnt enough time.

But, things are perfect.

And like Max is always playing keep up with his brothers, I will do my best here on the blog;) That is when I find the time!