Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What did you have for lunch?

I am not a fan of my kids eating fast food. I do however let them. When I need an easy out, when we are on the road, and sometimes just because. Whenever they bite into their french fries a little piece of me cringes, but I move past it and let them. Good, bad, I don't know. Today is different. Today every fiber in my body rejoiced as I watched him bite, chew up, and swallow his burger. Not one gag, not one cough. Alex ate half of a double, yes, a double cheeseburger today. It was not pureed, and not a part of me is sad that he had fast food for lunch. The child ate half a double cheeseburger. The child who aspirated, who gagged at stage 2 baby food, the child who at one time took an entire day to down a nutrigrain bar. The same child I have been pureeing food for going on three and a half years.

Yes, I cut it into bite sized pieces with my handy dandy pizza cutter.

he piked up the bites himself and swiftly put them in his mouth!

And his ketchup stained face and hands have yet to be wiped. I'm just so glad that they are stained at all.


Finding Normal said...

Yay Alex!!!

Cindy said...

That's so cool! Go Alex! I soooo wish Natalie liked hamburgers as much as Alex does...she just wants the french fries.

Angelica mom to JesusRTS said...

This is great!!! Way to go Alex! Thang for sharing this gives me hope that Jesus will someday eat! :)

Groceries said...