Friday, August 12, 2011

I could have sworn.

See, here's the thing...........................................

When you sit 10 hours in airports trying to entertain yourself with phone apps, and lots of reading.

Because your flight is delayed, again, and again.

But then you finally make it to that friend you couldn't wait to see.

Take red eyed pictures with her dog.

Eat fabulous yogurt with her circle of friends.

Get up early and go on a run.

Hit the road and head to Charleston, while singing, and consuming an insane amount of tootsie pops. I'm talking in the 20's easy, and that's just me.

When you can walk, and walk, and walk while taking in the sights, and talking about absolutely nothing important.

Play photo shoot in a historical alley.

When you can do this and not feel uncomfortable.

Run to breakfast instead of drive.

When you can ask strangers to take your picture.

Have another helping of yogurt

In a pair of these.

When you can wait out a rain storm without a care in the world of the time, just to sit on the beach for a bit.

Search for a new place to eat, and find the absolute best,

place to eat.

When you can wear a dress like this just to go get ice cream.

And walk King street a million times.

Or have cupcakes for breakfast.

and one is not enough.

So you share 3.

Then on your flight home you think, the funniest thing is that we both have a child with Rubinstein Taybi Syndrome like it is some kind of crazy coincidence, and not the only reason we met in the first place, cause I could have sworn we grew up together.

You know your friends for life.............................


Amy said...

I'm a big baby but I have tears in my eyes! It looks like you had an amazing unforgettable time with your friend!

Finding Normal said...

Amy, I teared up too. You are so lucky to have a friend like that, who REALLY gets it all. Now when are you coming to the ATL to see me? ;)

Kelly said...

You got me crying too...I love you the most!


Cindy said...

What a great trip! Thanks for sharing a few of your perfect memories. Hugs to you glad you found each other!

Anonymous said...

Add me to the big baby list! Loved meeting you and so happy for you and Kelly both to have each other...for MANY reasons other than the obvious. God is so cool that way!
Cathy Tate

Anonymous said...

I just started browsing your blog and I see you've compiled a tremendous number of experiences and testimonials for everybody to read.

I was wondering if you could post either from you or from other visitors to Holland, a nuisanced account of your experiences with Health Insurance Companies (or Medicare/Medicaid by default). I wonder if somebody has ever written about that topic from the perspective of parents with congenital anomalies. How tough have those fights been? From reading your blog, I get the feeling you guys represent a significantly strong political force. Now the question is, is it a movement yet?

I recently became a member for Physicians for National Health Program (, and they have a meeting in Oct 29/2011. It's my view that the organizers/attendees will benefit from your perspectives. I visualize visitors to Holland & Italy alike having some kind of European Union.

Jessica Mommy, I love your high heel pictures, please keep those coming.