Friday, August 19, 2011


Alex no longer has a PDA!

After 4 hours of travel time total, and 3 hours at the hospital, with only 30 minutes of that time being the ECHO, we learned that Alex does not have a PDA, the surgery worked!

We were also told that the septum and his aorta are misaligned.

Basically the problem this could cause is a blocked aorta. However, the doctor who is rather good at what he does, is not concerned with the misalignment at this point. He wants to see us back in a year.

I am a little sad. Here I was hoping we would say goodbye forever.

Perspective though............

Alex is not sick. We are not in and out of the hospital, thriving and he is growing like a weed.


Monday, August 15, 2011

Oh how I will miss you, let me count the ways....

So many different things I love about summer, the green grass, the warm sun, taking in the view

1. I will miss staying up past bed time....................

2.Sitting in the shade on the deck feeling your breeze.

3.Taking long walks through your parks, and zoos.

4.Cooling off in the water from your heat.

5.Basking in your sun.

6.Staring at your endless blue sky.

7.Tasting your treats only you can bring with someone I love very much.

8.Going out and enjoying your quiet summer sounds........

9.Snuggling in comfy summer pj's

10.Watching hours of baseball.

11.Waiting in line for roller coasters.

12.Picnics on a blanket.

13.Pool parties.

14.cook outs with family and friends.



17.Running through the grass in my bare feet at top speed.

18.Priceless moments that winter cant match.

Oh summer, please don't go.................................

I'm not ready

School starts this week for my 4th grader, 2nd grader, and 2nd year preschooler, and life keeps moving.

Friday, August 12, 2011

I could have sworn.

See, here's the thing...........................................

When you sit 10 hours in airports trying to entertain yourself with phone apps, and lots of reading.

Because your flight is delayed, again, and again.

But then you finally make it to that friend you couldn't wait to see.

Take red eyed pictures with her dog.

Eat fabulous yogurt with her circle of friends.

Get up early and go on a run.

Hit the road and head to Charleston, while singing, and consuming an insane amount of tootsie pops. I'm talking in the 20's easy, and that's just me.

When you can walk, and walk, and walk while taking in the sights, and talking about absolutely nothing important.

Play photo shoot in a historical alley.

When you can do this and not feel uncomfortable.

Run to breakfast instead of drive.

When you can ask strangers to take your picture.

Have another helping of yogurt

In a pair of these.

When you can wait out a rain storm without a care in the world of the time, just to sit on the beach for a bit.

Search for a new place to eat, and find the absolute best,

place to eat.

When you can wear a dress like this just to go get ice cream.

And walk King street a million times.

Or have cupcakes for breakfast.

and one is not enough.

So you share 3.

Then on your flight home you think, the funniest thing is that we both have a child with Rubinstein Taybi Syndrome like it is some kind of crazy coincidence, and not the only reason we met in the first place, cause I could have sworn we grew up together.

You know your friends for life.............................