Thursday, June 9, 2011

Still goin strong!

Alex continues to communicate.
I have a whole list of words that need to be added to his repertoire, and should be when school starts this month.

I continue to be thrilled each time he uses his "voice"

While on the topic of communicating. Alex is doing great! However, as much as his brothers say out loud small thoughts of randomness, thoughts of emotion, and ask questions. I know very well that Alex is not yet able to communicate fully. He has constant thoughts that I don't have the pleasure of knowing. More importantly he doesn't get the pleasure of sharing.

We are in the process of moving bedrooms around, and have been considering putting Alex in a big boy bed. When he wakes up at night (which he does at least once every night) he goes back to sleep on his own and happily cause where else is he going to go? When he is moved to a bed, he will have freedom to get out of bed, he wont have the freedom to tell me those random little thoughts kids tell you when they get out of bed at night. Is he scared, thirsty, just wants a hug? When I put him back in bed, and he cries, what does he want to tell me? There is a high number of kids who are intellectually different, and who happen to have RTS who have some trouble staying in their beds.

Considering all of this, I am at a loss of when to do the move...........

Thankfully, communication is on the move, and it will only get better.

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The Peacock Family said...

That's great that Alex is doing so well. I think we are going to introduce the same system to Sawyer and try and further his communication.

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