Monday, May 9, 2011


If I could travel back in time there are lots of times I would go. Things I would change, choices that I made.If I only had one trip to make I would travel back to September 7, 2007. I would tell myself that Alex was going to make it, and I would tell myself not to waste my time grieving the loss of the typical child. To not waste a year hoping it wasn't so. I would tell myself that a lifetime of lessons would be learned in a short three years. That I would really find out, feel, and give what real love is. I would tell myself that no one is typical, and while it isn't always obvious we are all the same. If I could have just told myslef to see the beauty from the beginning, I wouldn't have missed a beat.

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                               Four years, overn5,000 injections of insulin just to stay alive.