Thursday, March 3, 2011


We do it everyday.

We wave at strangers when they let us go first at the intersection.

We do it in passing when we see someone we know at the store.

Waving hello, and goodbye, thank you. It means so many different things.

We do it so much, it can hardly mean anything.

Waving is one of the first things most babies do to communicate.

It is something I have been working with Alex on since he could sit up.

I am confident he has had the motor skills to do this for a while, but I don't think he has felt it necessary when the therapist left his house to wave goodbye, I don't believe he wanted to show he could wave when being tested.

When Alex does something, it has a purpose. It has only his stamp of approval on it. He doesn't need the praise, or the high score. When he accomplishes something for the first time it is always on his terms.
A lesson perhaps? At least for me. Do things, even everyday things with great intention and purpose. Doing things because I chose to, not for praise or recognition.

So this morning as I was backing out of my parking space, and noticed Alex turn to watch me pull away. I gave him a wave and a smile, and with great purpose he lifted his arm and waved it back and forth. He wasn't being polite, he was saying bye mom, see you after school.

This exchange in communication had so much meaning to me because that was a moment Alex chose to say something.

Be still my heart.


Groceries said...

Aww!! How sweet is that!?!? And YAY Alex! I seriously got chills when I was reading that last sentence. For all you've sacrificed, for all you've learned, for all Alex has taught everyone - Be Still My Heart! =)

Finding Normal said...

Tearing up. Go Alex! (Now tell your girlfriend Addison that waving is cool b/c her mama would really like a wave too! ;)

Michelle said...

No words.

The VW's said...

This must have filled your heart to the rim!

Christine said...

Alex you the best!

Jacqui said...

LOVE IT!!! Few things are as sweet as intentional communication. And what a beautiful message he sent his mom by that wave!