Thursday, March 31, 2011

The glass is half full........

Actually it is empty......... Can you spot it? Here, a closer look.

This glass is infact empty.

This is SEVEN ounces Alex drank by MOUTH today.

This is the most he has EVER, yes, ever, like in 3.5 years taken in by mouth.

He hasnt accopmplished more than 68cc since he was a few months old, and he aspirated that so it doesnt count.

Facts: He never asks for a drink, but will willingly take a drink from this cup or a "nose" cup when prompted. 7 ounces doesnt even touch the fluid requirements for his weight. I kind of had to follow him around today to make this happen. Fact is, Im so proud of him:)


Anonymous said...

Good for you, Alex!
I love you, Mister:)

Sherry C said...


Unknown said...

Way to go Alex!!!

                               Four years, overn5,000 injections of insulin just to stay alive.