Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Diamond in the rough

So when you have a child that gets a diagnosis it leaves you with a number of new and trying responsibilities. To say it is rough really only scratches the surface when it comes down to it all.

When doctor genes sat down next to me in Alex's NICU room, and told me that my 8 pound 1 ounce baby had Rubinstein Taybi Syndrome, I was certain there was not anything good to be found. After swimming my way out of my self made murky waters, I have come to see the diamond in the rough.

While I was sitting on the couch with the doctor that day in September 2007, I did not know that I was suddenly "surrounded" by a new family. They were waiting for me, I was blessed with other children with RTS, other mommas of these children, fathers, and siblings, all who love someone with RTS, and who automatically loved my Alex, and my family.

All through my journey to where I am now, they understood, they had been there in the grief, and wonder. One by one we all reach that place where we no longer grieve, there isn't anything to grieve. We no longer wish, our wishes have already come true. We are a family, and these moments that we can get together are diamonds in the rough, or in my opinion- diamonds in the right.

This was just before we told the boys they wouldnt be going to school, but to the Wisconsin Dells!

The 6 hour car ride was surprisingly great! We have 4 awesome travelers.

The boys stayed wet, most of the time.........

Addie, and Alex (sharing a secret laugh) Sheridon, and William (RTS brothers and sisters)

Alex and Max in the bath after Alex threw up (after a fall off the couch.)

Alex chillin in a little quiet corner of the crowded room...........

Oh my sweet Caden.........

My "Bird" and Pam, another warrior momma I get to know.

Just a few of the RTS family.........

I do believe this was the best birthday I have had in all my 32 years. Lots of time spent with my children, my man. and getting to know this side of my family.

Diamonds indeed..............................


tomandcheryl said...

What a beautiful post! And How wonderful that you all get together! Thanks to the Internet you have this very special family and it is so wonderful to "hear" how much you help each other and....ok, rambling. Just a great post!
Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Wow, So simply stated yet so true!
It was my first time meeting anyone with RTS and although I was a little nervous about how overwhelming it would all be I left the Dells with so much hope, so much more strength and just a new peace! Your family is truly Beautiful...I wish the weekend could have went on longer and that there was more time to truly visit with everyone, especially parents. We all have so much to give, learn, share and love about each other.
I am so happy to have a RTS family because it is the true meaning of Family to me.
" always there through thick and thin with no judgement."
So great to meet you!

Jenny said...


Tarah Peacock said...

That seems like a great trip and a great way to spend your birthday!

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