Sunday, February 20, 2011

Real world

My boys always have on miss matched socks, Max throws magazines on the floor just because. This is also the place we seem to leave the baby wipes, in fact just before I wrote this Adam changed a poopy Max, and I changed a poopy Alex.
When I ask my boys to clean the basement/playroom lots of toys end up in the play house. I don't make the big boys make their beds.

They like to play the wii, a lot. Fortunately they have a list of things to do before they can play including homework, reading, cleaning, playing outside ect...... So that makes me feel slightly better about it.

I mean there are signs of video games on the walls of my basement.

The piano, where I had hoped to have a pretty display of pictures is also a place to place things after you walk in the door, or a play table.

The sink almost always has dishes in it......

With all the feet in my house, I sort of gave up on keeping the shoes organized.

I own every leapfrog fridge toy out there. The fridge DJ is somewhere else in the house right now.

Alex loves to watch anybody play basketball. He raises his hands and laughs with joy.

My master bath needs attention.

Bella has claimed this to be her spot.

My junk drawer lives up to its name.

I let my 17 month old have a bottle. He loves it, and I cant take it away from him.

The place of organization needs to be organized.

Instead of flour or sugar there are animal crackers.

I love to decorate the walls with the boys artwork.

There always seems to be a coat in the wrong place. ALWAYS.

Yep this is what the linen closet looks like.

There are always clothes on the couch waiting to be put away.

I have been told that my kitchen floor is very anthropology, but I cannot love it, and it cannot be what I decorate around.

That is the truth.

Thursday, February 17, 2011


It is what I have been doing, and after Christmas life kicked in. We have been so busy with wrestling practice and tournaments. Enjoying the snow before it melts with friends.......

Celebrating love.......

Making and eating tasty treats.........

Through all the business, I don't have any trouble finding the time to notice, appreciate, feel thankful, and bask in the fact that this little man is walking all over the house. When I sit on the couch instead of him appearing on the floor all of the sudden I see his face coming from out of a room.

Life is good.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snowed in

Out the front door during the blizzard.

One foot of snow+4 boys+4 hats+8 mittens+4 coats+16 layers+one driveway full of snow and drifts+freezing temps+cabin fever=FUN!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Messy Max

Once upon a time there was a boy named Max. Max made messes like a monster. In the mornings with his oatmeal, he made a mess.
On the stairs with his blocks, he made a mess.

At dinner time, can you guess? Yes! He made a mess.

Tracking snow all through the house. Leaving no corner untouched.

Teaching his dog, all of his tricks, and

hoping to hide some of his crimes with some of her puppy licks........

His mommy cant keep up with the laundry its so bad.

Chasing these partners in crime, and learning their tricks.....

At the end of the day, when he is all tuckered out, his mommy still gives him kisses.

Then puts him to bed and cleans up his messes.