Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What is that?

There on his shirt? Its a food stain. Why is this something to blog about? Since Alex was able to eat we have been feeding him. For almost 3 year we have been spoon feeding him. For a big chunk of that time it was because he did not have the motor skills to do it himself. Also when his feeds took an hour because of reflux/throw up I would give him toys to play with so he would have something to do. Those days are over. He has the skills to feed himself, and the throw up is very rare. Alex and I love routine, we thrive on it, so even change that is positive is hard for both of us.

It takes longer.

But he is doing it!

He signs book with tears in his eyes because he is used to having that toy.

It is hard to change sometimes, but it is time. Frustrated and all this boy can do it himself!

I love you Alex:)


Finding Normal said...

Ohhh. That was the sound of my heart breaking just a little bit. The tears! I can't handle it. I must go look at Happy Alex pictures to cancel them out.
(Go big boy! I am so proud of you! And I am proud of your mama for pushing through the tears. Soon you will be eating like the Big Brothers, fast and furious!)

ANewKindOfPerfect said...

Oh my ... the picture of the tears in his eyes about broke me. But the rest of the pictures, and the words - AMAZING!!! :) Go Alex!

Anonymous said...

Oh, my sweet Alex. If I was there I wouldn't be strong enough to say no to those tears. I have tears in my eyes just seeing the picture and thinking about what that must have been like. Growing up is so painful at times. I love you, big boy. You are so precious.
Love, Aunt Mary

JAMBA said...

Amazing!!! So excited for you and Alex.

Jacqui said...

What a long journey and see how far he has come. So chuffed for you guys!!! Good work Alex. Your heart must melt with joy and pride (good pride) seeing him spoon food into his mouth!!!

Groceries said...

I love you too, Alex!! You are SUCH an awesome little boy! The picture of him signing with tears in his eyes made me have tears in mine too - he's just so sweet. And musically inclined like his mama!

The VW's said...

GREAT JOB ALEX!!! You are doing fantastic! Keep it up sweet boy! I bet you get your book after all your hard work! Hugs!

Sawyer said...

Way to go Alex!! What a huge accomplishment. We are so proud of you.