Monday, December 13, 2010

Change takes time

What is that under my Christmas tree? No, not the ornaments that Max took off the tree, and threw like baseballs. There, that pile of paper.......It is over 200 signatures from 12-14 year old students promising not to use the word retard or retarded.

Last Wednesday I had the wonderful opportunity to speak to over 500 students at the local junior high. It was absolutely amazing sharing my story, and spreading the word, that the R word needs to be eliminated from our speech when defining another human being, when cracking jokes, or when you are upset. The R word needs to go. They got it! The 8th graders took the pledge last year, and it was good to encourage them to keep it up, and wonderful to have over 200 more students pledge to change the way they talk. To change the way their family and friends talk. Change takes time, but the word is spreading. Thank you Turner Junior High!

This years 7th grade class, combined with last years class.......That is a lot of change going on!

Change takes time, but it is happening. Have you made the pledge?


Groceries said...


The VW's said...

SUPER AWESOME!!! Great job!

Sherri Moyer said...

You go girl!!

Anonymous said...

What a great idea! Real accomplishment from just a single person's efforts (you!) and everybody can feel good about themselves. You're making a difference.