Sunday, November 7, 2010

Flying colors

Is how I hope how Alex passes his swallow study tomorrow. Flying colors! A+. No aspiration, not even the smallest amount of penetration of the airway.

I'm nervous. In fact, I'm beyond nervous. I'm afraid that some bump will come along and change this smooth sailing the boy and I have been on. Routine, yes, I thrive on it. If someone says this and this has to change in our eating habits, well, I may throw a fit, or at least stomp a foot.

He hasn't had a swallow study since March of 2008 Yes, that picture is from March 2008. Wasn't he scrumptious? Not because he didn't need one, but since he wasn't getting sick I held onto the ignorance is bliss philosophy and hoped all was well.

So, hoping for flying colors. Hoping for improvement, and progress in getting this boy to drink.

I still think ignorance is bliss, but you cant move forward being ignorant.


Alicia said...

Praying for flying colors!

Laura walbert said...

Saying prayers tonight that Alex gets an A+ on his study tomorrow!

Groceries said...

Good luck Little Man! I know you're going to do awesome! =)