Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My Max

Max is lucky. You would think being number 4 would put one at a disadvantage for one on one time with mom. We have the entire morning together. We play outside, go to the store, to the bank, we go on walks, read books, look at pictures, and eat a banana snack together.

Max must keep moving, hates to sit in car seats, shopping carts, and sometimes even the stroller for more than 10 minutes. He is an explorer. Is obsessed with cars, and the big yellow bus at Alex's school. He doesn't enjoy cutting teeth, and lets everyone around him know this. He loves fruit, oatmeal, and spaghetti.
His happiest time is in the evening when his older brothers give him attention.
He always wants to be outside.
Its going to be a long winter with my Max.


Alicia said...

When did you let that sweet baby get so big and grown up??? ;-) What a handsome little man he has become, and sounds like he knows exactly what he wants, and when he wants it! Go get 'em, Max!

Tarah Peacock said...

I'm not ready for Winter either Max.

Kristi said...

Sounds a lot like Nicholas... So sweet... I'm thankful I don't really have to deal with Winter here in Florida..

                               Four years, overn5,000 injections of insulin just to stay alive.