Friday, September 3, 2010

Will your teacher know.......

That you "get it" way, way before you are willing to show it?
That just because you don't perform on cue doesn't mean you don't perform?
Will she know how you love a good laugh?
Will she know that you problem solve a little different, but you still solve?
That if you could take your keyboard everywhere in the world with you, you would?
Will she know you are scared of sinks?
Will she know music is your motivator?
That when you grab people's faces and turn them towards you that you want to be seen?
Will she know you don't like hugs from strangers?

Will she know how much I love you?


Finding Normal said...

Yes, she will. Maybe not the first day, but I guarantee you she will fall in love with our Alex. How could she NOT???
We're facing a different type of transition, and I've made an All About Addison book, telling briefly her history and her current status in OT, PT, and speech, as well as her likes and dislikes, complete with pictures. Not done yet, but it has helped me to know that when we meet new people for her, she will have a voice when I'm not with her. There's only so much you can say in a case conference!

The VW's said...

She will! I've found that special needs teachers are TERRIFIC! And, they love your child almost as much as you do! They can also teach the Momma things that she didn't even know about her child, every once in awhile!

Alex will do great.....and so will you! Hugs!

Jacquie said...

Everyday Alex has the confidence in himself to try something new, she'll know how much you love him.
If Alex falls and he goes to an adult for comfort, she'll know.
Each smile and heartfelt laugh...she'll know

Our Journey said...

she WILL know, Alex has a super awesome mom who has his back and will tell the teacher everything she needs to know! and you will be surprised when she starts telling you things that you didnt know :)

Thoughts from a finally single Mommy said...

God will send you just the angel that you need.

Holli Davis said...

I know, Jessica. I feel the same way. And I hate to say it, but no she won't know, she will have to find out :( I know..... its so hard.

Terri H-E said...


Laurie in Ca. said...

Yes Jessica, it may take a little time for her to get to know Alex but I know he will steal her heart. He is so amazing:) Have a great weekend.

Love and Hugs, Laurie

Kristi said...

Hey Jessica,
When Noah started school I made a family profile (advice from Terri). I put all his likes, dislikes, what motivates him, what he is petrified of (like changing tables), How he learns, his challenges and strengths. What I expect from his first school experience. I made sure everyone attending the IEP knew I set my standards appropriately high for Noah and I expected the same from them. That idea might make you feel better and the teachers and therapists really appreciated it. But, they found out on their own very quickly how great Noah is. I'm sure that will also happen for you and Alex. Take care and good luck. I know its scary and extremely hard.