Thursday, September 23, 2010

So much to say

Alex has an IPad! We are so excited to begin this journey with him. We have his teacher, and ST on board to use it along with sign, and PECS.
You will be heard Alex!

Monday, September 20, 2010

The babies err, baby.

There is only one baby in this house.
His name is Max, but this post isn't about him, its about his big brother who I used to put into the same category.
I call Noah and Joel "the bigs" and Alex and Max "the Little's", and sometimes "the babies". It was just by default.
Since school has started for Alex I am very much aware that Max is the only baby in this house. I love it, and so does Max.
Look at this big boy! Since school has started Alex has started climbing and sitting on anything but the floor.


Here is Alex in OT at school...
and even making friends....melt my heart.
However, when he brought home to his momma his very FIRST piece of art work tears came out of my eyes, and I immediately hung it up. I have a thing for my kids art work, and this one is pretty special!

I know I am being repetitive when I say this,but it doesn't seem so long ago I was bedside with Alex and he was fighting to live. I remember it so clearly, and I wont forget how hard that time was.
Today Alex walked into his classroom holding his teachers hand, and on the other side holding a classmates hand......I wanted to shout out to everyone "he almost didn't make it, look at him go!" Watching him walk hand in hand with a classmate, a peer, has melted my heart today. So instead of causing a scene at his school, Ill shout it out here, again.....HE ALMOST DIDN'T MAKE IT! lOOK AT HIM GO!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Maxton Jones Pruitt

It has been one year since I looked into your eyes for the first time....... now you are walking.....
You say mum mum mum, Da (daddy) N(noah), Ba (ball), Dn (dance), you sign more, all done, tickle, and milk for bottle......

you LOVE to laugh.

You love your brothers all three......

You complete our family......

Today we celebrate you!

Happy birthday to my littlest man! We love you So BiG MaX!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Alex ROCKS school!

I love being able to communicate back and forth with Alex's teacher, and keep Alex included in the communication.
I could not get this picture to turn the right way.....However, it is SO important to note that on day 3 of school Alex would walk to the sink (holding someones hand) and reach for the water to wash....He has always been incredibly scared of sinks. Not. any. more.

Here is Alex in speech popping bubbles and laughing.

There are no more tears when Alex goes to school. I do believe he complains with some tears during school, or physical therapy, but I am confident he isn't sad or scared, he just wants to do something else. His teacher is AMAZING! Helping him transition from task to task. I am nothing but thrilled with this first week of school. Now I get to watch the boy fly!

Isn't he amazing!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What a difference a day makes.....

Here are some pictures his teacher took of him today at school. In this first picture he is eating some bites of banana all by himself. I'm going to show him this picture and tell him I know he can do it......... Here he is on his wagon ride to the playground. No tears today! Oh, I love that boy.
And this is the picture I took. This is where I found him when I walked into his classroom. No tears. What a difference a day makes!

I got this!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Happy Birthday to you......

Happy birthday to you.....

Happy birthday dear Alex! Happy birthday to you!!!!!

Alex got this puzzle for his birthday, and put it together correctly the first time, without being shown...........mmmm hmm!

It has been a big day! Alex was unsure when I left him at school, but his teacher picked him up and he was fine. For the first hour he enjoyed himself, but that last hour he was done, and had quite a few moments of tears. When I walked into his classroom, he was sitting at the table playing with a toy, and had tears streaming down his cheeks, but no sound or crying. When he saw me, well, the crying started, and didn't stop until we were good and home.