Saturday, June 5, 2010


One way 17 hours,
one tube feeder,
one refluxer who has been throwing up lately,
one explosive pooper,
one changed mic-key button,
one big beach bag,
one big storage area holding 6 suitcases,
one teething,
one cooler full of chips, grapes, pretzals, and almonds,
one twice a day napper,
one grumpy boy lately who cant tell me whats going on,
one must be on the move baby,
one van,
one family,
one dvd player,
one GPS,
one bag with beach towels,
one two year old who has not been himself,
one big bag of twizzlers,
one cd of Phineas and Ferb,
one cd of Laurie Berkner,
one hotel room for 6 on the road,
one cooler full of homemade baby food,
one beach resort awaiting us,
one dad,
one mom,
one 8 year old,
one 6 year old,
one 2 year old,
one 8 month old,
one BIG vacation!

I will update when we get there................I will be twittering and facebooking as we go.


Angelica mom to JesusRTS said...

have fun!

Kristi said...

where are you going? I'm in suspense.. 17 hours one way? AAhh. I'm driving to the RTS conference from FL and I'm dreading the 12 hr one way. Have fun wherever you are going. Hmm I wonder if you will be in Fl?

Pam said...

LOVE IT!!!!!!!! We are going in September.....Mind if I do this on my blog?