Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A better view?

I would love to get into the mind of my number 3 boy, that looks at our world a bit differently than most of us.

He looks at the world different, better? Maybe he sees and feels the little things we miss.

He doesn't need to always notice the obvious like splashing in the water or playing in the sand. He likes to find his own little spot on the beach,

and enjoy the view his way.......................

perhaps a better view?

Doctor visit update: So his ears looked good, negative strep test, and lungs sounded great. All good, however this leaves us still guessing. The doctors first guess is his tummy hurting from the harsh antibiotic he was on, and is now off. I'm giving him probiotics, and a few days....If he is still waking in the night by Thursday Friday we are back to the guessing game....Cross your fingers with me?


The VW's said...

Crossing fingers! Love and Hugs!!!

Kristi said...

crossed. And yes I do believe he see's things better than we do..

Carly said...

Crossing fingers! The pictures of Alex's view cracked me up because Gabriel does the exact same thing!