Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Monday, June 21, 2010

Family portrait.........

Look over here Alex, Max let go of Noah's ear...... Open your eyes Noah, over here Alex, Max let go of his ear please.
Thats right Alex, Nice smiles everyone! Max, the ear!

This way Alex and Max!

Big day Joel? Mom and Alex this way please!

Almost done guys, if you could just look this way......

I have no words for this one.......

As good as it gets........

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Who's that lady?

Sneaking up in our family portrait?

No we dont have a fifth child.

BUT, she is family. That is AnnaKate, Alex's sister who just happens to have RTS too. Alex and AnnaKate got to meet each other while we were on vacation.

I couldn't do this alone, and I don't have to!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A better view?

I would love to get into the mind of my number 3 boy, that looks at our world a bit differently than most of us.

He looks at the world different, better? Maybe he sees and feels the little things we miss.

He doesn't need to always notice the obvious like splashing in the water or playing in the sand. He likes to find his own little spot on the beach,

and enjoy the view his way.......................

perhaps a better view?

Doctor visit update: So his ears looked good, negative strep test, and lungs sounded great. All good, however this leaves us still guessing. The doctors first guess is his tummy hurting from the harsh antibiotic he was on, and is now off. I'm giving him probiotics, and a few days....If he is still waking in the night by Thursday Friday we are back to the guessing game....Cross your fingers with me?

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


This is hard.
There are times it seems impossible.
The hardest part isn't the tube feeding, the therapy, the doctor visits, the surgery, the IEP meetings, the testing, the developmental delay.
I got all that down.
Most days all that is easy.
The hard part is not being able to fully communicate.
Yes, its coming.
He is starting to sign, but we are still both left frustrated most days not understanding one another. He will sign book, but want something else.
Then when you throw in a sickness with the lack of communication, I go numb.
Its impossible.
Things going great and easy can change in a instant over something that would be so simple and small for a typical developing child.
A few days before we left for vacation Alex started acting off, not sick, just different. He would occasionally throw up, but that isn't necessarily odd. The morning we left for vacation I took him in to see the doctor and he tested positive for strep! He couldn't tell me his throat hurt. This is a guessing game, and I feel blind. The week we got back from vacation he spikes a fever and is in some serious pain. All he can do is cry, and all I can do is guess. Today I am taking him to the doctor to help me guess. WHY CANT HE TALK?!?! I hate RTS.
How can I possibly help him when I don't know what to fix.
When I call the doctor the nurse will ask me how he is drinking. My answer is always he doesn't drink, is there another way we can evaluate his needs? I mean really.
There are days I DON'T want this for him or for me.
I want him to talk, I want him to tell me anything.
There are times this seems impossible...... This child has acheieved the impossible before, while showing me how to overcome it.

It is impossible not to love him........

So, here we go. ANother day of the impossible. It is so hard.
I love you Alex. Your daddy loves you. Your brothers love you. Keep showing us what is possible.

Monday, June 14, 2010


Splish! Splash!

Can anyone see why Max has an ENT appointment this Thursday? He has tongue tie. His very oldest brother also had this, and he couldn't stick his tongue out it was so tight. I am hopeful that the doctor will clip it in the office and we can avoid surgery, and speech problems.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

9 months

Our mighty Max is 9 months old! 21 pounds and growing!

I can not believe you have been with us for 9 months! I am so in love with you. Your eagerness to be a part of it all. You are pulling up now, trying to cruize, finally crawling up on your knees, babbling, and you love your mommy the most! You spit out any food that isnt sweet, and you can feed yourself small bits. You have a need for action, and love to laugh, and smile, and oh, when you suck your thumb........

We love you Max! Happy 9 months!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Beach bum

That might be stretching it, bu this little boy who tends to have sensory overload does not let that get in the way of enjoying beach time. He didn't mind the sand, and he loved the water splashing against his daddy's legs. He laughed and laughed every time a new wave came.