Friday, May 28, 2010

Everybody is different, typical is boring.

This is what I tell myself when I walk into the kitchen, and find Alex licking the floor because the feel of the smooth linoleum on his tongue pleases him. Or when I hear him growling happily behind his dark closet doors that he himself has decided is the place he wants to play, and when I ask him to come out, he closes the door in my face.

Everyone is different, typical is boring.

Other two and a half year olds are starting to get into Thomas the tank engine, and bob the builder. Shouting to the roof tops "can we fix it, yes we can!"

Its ok, everyone is different and typical is boring.

I don't ponder too much on the what if, or what could have been had that damn CREBB protein made its way to the right place, and #16 chromosome was intact.
I love Alex, he has a great sense of humor, he is easy going, he is happy, is content. Loves music, loves the outdoors, loves books, loves to sing, and dance. Really, he isn't so different. He is our Alex, and we wouldn't change a thing!


Anonymous said...

Alex, gorgeous as ever! He has what most people in this world strieve for.....UNDONDITIONAL LOVE.

PS I work in the school system as a Teacher Assistant. This week, because you have made me aware. I corrected a student for using the "R" word. The student was quick to tell me, "he, would not say that about a person, just an action." But I asked the student to chose, "another descriptive word" That "R" word was just to hurtful, and offensive.


Jenny said...

Thanks for reminding me. It's true...I would have to say that my little Sammy makes our lives very exciting!!! I think I needed this today

Anonymous said...

I am an educational assistant and I too just recently corrected a student for using the "R" word. All because of you and your adorable Alex...the world is being educated!
So true...Everyone is different...typical is so boring!
God Bless your sweet family.
Love, from Wisconsin

Sherry C said...

Great post and even better picture of Alex.. I feel the same way about my special girl Ashley sure wish her 14th chromsome was in tact but we love even more because isn't.

Michelle said...

Ok, I just had to giggle at the linoleum...I can so see Lillian doing the same thing. She has taken to licking us, LOTS....Gracious. Yes, I agree, I like her chromosomes just the way they are.

Kelly said...

Perfectly said my sweet friend!


Jessica said...

Well, as I child I LOVED to lick the dust after it had rained... The smell, the texture, ah.... This I guess has tranfered to my children, as they are their own different little selves and definitely not typical boring! Enjoy the differences, because there are SOOOO many out there out of the same mold ; )

Kelly said...

Love this post. Well said. . . as always! Kelly F