Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What did you say???

If anything was going to get me out of this no blogging business it had to be big!
Tonight while eating, Alex got fussy, which can mean a few things: he is going to throw up, he is done in his chair, he is hungry, or he wants his book. Usually it is that he wants his book.
Before he gets his book, I sign book, and ask him if he wants his book.Usually he laughs, squeals, and stiffens telling me YES! That is exactly what I want!
Tonight I said what do you want, and he signed book!
I made him do it twice just to be sure, you know, cause sometimes I do that "he has a syndrome surely he didn't do that, thing" (don't worry I don't do that much),
His very first sign!
His very first step in expressing himself through communication!
Of course he knows lots of signs, he knows more, eat, cracker, bird, baby, bath, and then some, but wont sign them.
Motivation is what FINALLY got him to do it. Is there anything better to be motivated by? Here he is right after getting his book......................

Monday, March 29, 2010

When you dont have anything nice to say.......

Don't say anything at all.
That has been my blogging philosophy this past week. Someone has been sick in this house the entire month of March. I'm tired of it, I'm stretched too thin, so I don't have anything nice to say. So I better not say anything at all.
Well, I will say that Alex is having surgery on his heart in 9 days, and he HAS to be healthy, so.......

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The happy place

It has taken a LONG time to find it...........starting with the NG tube and all...... At one year old still just tasting, and exploring food......

But we found it!

The happy place!

We have found it! No, not the beach, or a full body massage. With Alex his eating, and his weight gain that is. He can be sick, and not lose weight, he still eats when sick, and doesn't always throw up everything. Almost 100% of his caloric intake is through the food he eats by mouth. His nutrition needs are also all met through what he eats by mouth. Yes, much of his food is still pureed, but its food and its going in his mouth! Now our one and only obstacle is drinking. He only drinks "tastes", he really isn't excited about drinking, and will only drink with a nose cup, so he has to be in his high chair. We arent anywhere near losing the tube, but we have found a happy place, and Im very happy about it!

I'm not into percentiles since everybody is different, but I thought I would share Alex's today, he is on normal growth charts, and I'm so happy about the way he is growing, I need to brag a bit!
age: 30 months 10 days or 2 and a half :)
weight: 27lbs 10oz
height:34 7/8 inches
gains about 4.3 grams a day!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Nothing compares......

To asking people you don't know to take a picture of you and your friend. To watching Anna Kate walking around with your shoes on!

To laughing so hard you tear.......

again, asking strangers to take another picture.......

To finding the best, hidden, frozen yogurt in the world!

To pretending to model..........

To relaxing, sipping on wine, and not knowing what time it is.........

Watching AnnaKate peel stickers even though she has the classic RTS thumbs!

To getting to know that girl!

Nothing compares to being with someone who you might have well of known all your life. Someone who gets it, someone who knows your normal. How did moms with differently abled children get along 50 years ago? I couldn't do this without my circle of mommas!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Happy Birthday JOEL!

2 weeks......
9 months.....

Celebrating 6 years of Joel has been an a ongoing party for two weeks, but today is your day! Happy birthday Joel!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Six Months Of MAX!

Six months ago my 10lb 7oz baby was born. Now my 19 lb six month old, is rolling around, eating food, loving walks outside, and filling our house with JOY! Our family wasn't complete without you Max. Still sleeping all night, still making us laugh.


Thursday, March 11, 2010

I'll give you

Three hints as to where I am going to bright, well it will still be dark when I leave tomorrow morning................1 2.


Any ideas?!?!?! I bet a lot of you know the answer!!!! For anyone that doesn't click here, I am more than excited! Thrilled really. Alex has a cold and I have never left him sick before, but it just seems to be a snotty nose, and occasional cough for now, nothing he cant handle. I'm leaving my house at 5:00 a.m arriving at my destination early afternoon, and will be home late Sunday night. Short, but so, so sweet!

Monday, March 8, 2010

3 in 1

Wow today was a day full of accomplishments for Alex! This morning in therapy he watched his therapist raise her hands and say "TADA!" whenever he would put a block in the right shaped hole. Then he mimicked her, and raised his hands up!
He also fed the baby doll with a spoon after watching Mrs. Cheryl do it. I was so, so, so excited!
Then to end the day well, he ate one entire pancake for dinner! He has always just taken bites, but was able to swallow it so fast, he finished one entire pancake bigger than my hand!!!! I was thrilled, it felt so normal, yes I was feeding him the bites, but it felt so normal! 3 huge accomplishments in one day, not 6 months! Go Alex!