Sunday, January 31, 2010

We are good

All four boys healthy. Some with snotty noses, but healthy.
All four sleeping all night, all with food in their belly.
My heart, and mind have been on Emma and her family.
Her momma.
I could talk about the stress of four boys,
the stress of tube feeding,
the stress of my life,
but we are good,
and Im thinking about Emma.


tm in MO said...

thank you ~ ~ ~

Holli Davis said...

I have been thinking about her also.... thanks for the reminder though about the stress that I need to be thankful for....

The VW's said...

Thinking of them too! What they are going through definitely puts things into perspective, doesn't it? Love and Hugs!!!

trista said...

The precious little angel has been on my mind since you first posted her blog link. Checking on her constantly and praying! Bless her and her family!

Cathy said...

Me too! Sometimes I can't stand blogging. How do you guard your heart to not love these little ones. We know Heaven is a better place, of course, but your arms and heart still ache so! Thanks for your post.

Jason & Vanessa said...

My heart breaks for them but i know how faithful God is. Thank you for sharing their story.