Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Feeding update

So most of Alex's feeds lately have felt like a burden. Why? He WONT feed himself, so we do the spoon work, we put the bites into his mouth, its like being stuck at a 10 month old feeding level ALL THE TIME. Then add a baby to the mix, and Alex's feeds seem rushed, and the therapy part of it all has been neglected.
Max has started to become more easy going, as he has no choice. So it doesn't feel like I have to hurry up, and get Alex's feeds over to meet whatever needs Max may have anymore. Although most of Alex's feeds my left foot is bouncing this bundle of cuteness in his favorite place, the bouncy seat.
No, he doesn't like his swing. One of our problems also is that we get into feeding habits, we get used to what we are doing, and we forget to move forward to the next step in teaching Alex to be tube free. Right now he is eating a ton of pureed food such as meatloaf, meatballs, stews, and lots of left over turkey! then there is the textured food like bananas, potatoes, and nutrigrain bars.
He hasn't been drinking anything by mouth because it was hard to get him to, and honestly we just weren't in the habit of working on this. I'm confident this is the only down fall of the feeding tube. We parents get used to it, it becomes routine, and frankly it is easier to get your child to drink all their milk when they don't have to drink it!
However this morning I put some of his vanilla flavored peptamin jr into a medicine cup, and gave him a drink. He took about 10cc in one swallow, so I filled it up again, this time half an ounce (15cc), he drank it, again (15cc), and again (15cc), and a little more. In the end the boy drank TWO OUNCES of his feed. HALF OF HIS FEED! He hasn't done this since he was a newborn, before he went NPO (no food by mouth).

I only poured 55cc of his 110cc feed into the tube!

Max was excited too!


Brandi said...

Wow! That is awesome Jessica! The timing was right. This is the day he wanted to do it. It was the perfect day, the perfect timing.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Jessica, I am so excited for you and for Alex. What a huge step for the precious little guy. This is such good news. Soon that feeding tube will be out and Alex will be on his way to doing things on his own. He gave you a great Christmas gift today.

Love You,

Aunt Mary

Kelly said...

Wow....what a huge step! This is really big progress!

I get what you mean about being comfortable. I am bad about not pushing AnnaKate to do more. I feel very guilty about it.. a lot!

Kelly W.

Sherry C said...

wow that sounds great feeding is such a struggle I'm in the samr boat only my baby 7 months is on solids so I'm feeding one then the other. Ashley my daugher with the tube will feed herself some but not enough. Drinking is a hugh challenge here too I feel like I'm neglecting it to...the tube is to easy I agree. I'm right there with you. sounds like Alex making good progress.

Cindy said...

Way to go Alex! You are doing great! Don't worry, Jessica, the fact that he's eating so many of his calories is a wonderful sign that he'll be eating and drinking everything soon. Maybe not soon enough, but soon by Alex's time. Does he eat Cheerios or those baby puffs with his fingers? I got Natalie to feed herself with her fingers a lot before I tried to get her to use a spoon. She had a hard time keeping things on her spoon to get them to her mouth anyway, but could definitely get a Cheerio to her mouth with her hand.

Kristi said...

Great news.. I love the pictures of them both. He is on the right track and you are doing great

Angelica mom to JesusRTS said...

That is wonderful news! soon he will be drinking it all on his own! your doing great!

Christine said...

oooooooohhhhhhhhhhh HOW I wish i was there Jessica!!! ALex can you PLEASE tell NAThan just how awesome it is????
I admire you greatly my friend! You are super mom!

Holli Davis said...

You are definetely someone to admire, Jessica! You are such a strong mommy..... I am so thankful that Alex did that for you......
I know how you feel about just doing what you have to do to get by, while the therapy of it all has to get lost somewhere... its tough... you are doing a great job, momma.... God certainly knew Alex needed you as his mommy.

Unknown said...

YAY!! GO ALEX! And GO MOMMA, too! That's such great news!!!

Nikki said...

That's awesome! And that glasses pic is adorable :)


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