Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Because of you........

I just want to thank all of you who took the time, to go out and buy ornaments this year. THANK YOU! I couldn't do this without you. Donating an ornament will bring a smile to a mothers tear stained face, will give a father hope, and help these parents not feel so alone. The hospital is one of the loneliest places on earth, nighttime and holidays are the worst. The ornament you gave is like a hug from you, so thank you! Thank you!
I tie these little Alex tags to each ornament, so they know that someone has been where they are, to give them hope.

I called the NICU to see how many babies are sick this Christmas....Right now 57 of the 60 beds are filled.....57!!!! Think of all the families you are giving hope to!

the ornaments are waiting by the door, tomorrow morning will be warming someones heart!
So thank you! You are a blessing for someone you don't even know!

This year I received over 60 ornaments! I am so excited! I have plenty to take with me, and any left over wont be left behind. They will be stored safely in their basket awaiting 2010. Babies who aren't even in their mamma's tummies yet, but will be sick next December have an ornament waiting for them! How awesome is that!


Kelly said...

The ornaments are awesome but your are more awesome!

Thanks for being such a special person!

Wish I could go with you!


Groceries said...

Look at all of those ornaments!! WOW! That's so awesome. You're going to brighten some lives for sure. Thanks, Jessica!

tomandcheryl said...

I just wanted to let you know that this, what you do every year, inspired me this year. I realized that we hadn't talked to our 4 year old much about giving and not just receiving. So, with you in mind, we went out to the store and bought a few ornaments. Then we went to the NICU where my son spend the first 8 days of HIS life and we gave them to families there. We just saw the nurses and they were so flattered and loved the idea. WE didn't do it on nearly as grand of a scale as you but we felt good about our thoughts, none the less.
Thank you, Jessica, for being such an inspiration.

Alicia said...

Thank you, Jessica!

Finding Normal said...

I'm crying. What an amazing gift you have given these families. And the part about the babies that aren't even created yet...SOB! Wish I had had time to make one for you this year.
Have a great time tomorrow. You are such an inspiration!

Brandi said...

Your life reflects the meaning of Christmas. What better gift could a person have to offer.

I love you friend. You are amazing.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jessica!
You don't know me, but my daughter Emerson, and I are some of Kelly and AnnaKate's best pals here in Greenville. I just want you to know how much I respect and admire your strength, courage, and endurance!! I want to be a part of this ornament-giving next year. What an awesome way to reach out to those who desparately need a hug and something to smile about.
Kelly says you are coming for a visit, and I can't wait to meet you!! Love, Cathy Tate