Monday, November 23, 2009


Two years ago Alex and I were preparing to spend our first Thanksgiving in the hospital, I'm thankful that is just a shadow in time. I'm thankful that now he is strong, healthy, and sooooo much fun!
I'm thankful that Noah is a leader, and Joel is sensitive to those around him.

I'm thankful that I have been to Italy 3 Times. I'm thankful I live in Holland.

I'm thankful for my boys friends.

I'm thankful for ALL my sisters!

I'm thankful that Alex's surgery of the year is behind us.

I'm thankful for a husband who loves, and takes equal care of the kids.

I'm thankful my grandma is here, and gets to hold Max.

I'm thankful for this smile

I'm so thankful.

What are you thankful for?


Holli Davis said...

I definetely loved this post, I loved the pictures.... the shadow, your boys, Maxs smile, and that picture of you is beautiful.... so much to be thankful for.... thanks for the reminder, I needed it today!
Happy Thanskgiving to you, your husband and your 4 boys!!

Sherry C said...

I agree beautiful post, have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Cathy said...

one thing is for sure, it is people like you that we are thankful for!!!

Brandi said...

Wow Jessica, that was beautiful. What you shared truly displays the beautiful person that you are. Happy Thanksgiving. Love you!

Kelly said...

I am thankful for you...everyday I think about how thankful I am that you chose to blog so we could meet.

(That first shadow picture is amazing...)

I love you and wish we were sitting at our family Thanksgiving table together.


Finding Normal said...

LOVE this post!
We brought a 5 week old Addison home for the first (but not last) time on Thanksgiving 3 years ago, so this holiday has a whole new meaning for me.
Thanks for ruining my make-up this morning! xoxox :)

Angelica mom to JesusRTS said...

Thankyou for sharing! Im thankfull for my kids health and for having my husband back this christmas instead of in iraq! :)

Anonymous said...

I am thankful for your husband too. He is a wonderful man! I'm proud to call him my son-in-law.

Anonymous said...

And thankful for your mom and dad who help you so much.

Alicia said...

I love that you say you're thankful you've been to Italy 3 times and you are thankful you live in Holland. What a wonderful revelation!!!

I LOVE the smiling pic of Max!! So cute!!

Thanks for sharing and I hope you all have a wonderful and Happy Thanksgiving!

The VW's said...

There is certainly lots to be thankful for!

GREAT pictures of all your blessings!

Hope you and your family have a wonderful, blessed and thankful Thanksgiving! HUGS!!!

Sara said...

I am thankful for posts like this to remind me to be thankful for all of my blessings.

ANewKindOfPerfect said...

What a truly beautiful post. I am also thankful to have been to Italy AND Holland. Gorgeous and amazing trips, both of them!

Anonymous said...

This was a beautifully put together website. I found it by searching for Dr Sadiq online. He saved my son in 2006 and I have many pictures that are very similar to yours. I too was not able to hold Aiden until he was 1 weeks old. I truly believe if it werent for Dr Sadiq and CGCH he wouldnt be here. Your story is a constant inspiration to all of us..thank you

                               Four years, overn5,000 injections of insulin just to stay alive.