Friday, October 9, 2009


Even though we are busy, there is still time for play. Alex's new favorite thing is to spin bowls on the kitchen floor, he has his own little way of throwing the bowl so it spins just right, when the bowl is in a good spin he laughs, then does it all over again!

Max has started to enjoy his baby gym for about 10 minutes at a time.


Kelly said...

How cute they are! Your life just seems blissful!?!?!? :)

AnnaKate has never gotten into spinning. I know Nathan loves to spin things too. Maybe I need to teach know where my mind is going with this.


Myssie@PendletonMarket said...

shut up! those little jeans on max are too cute for words!

Brandi said...

Spinning, spinning, spinning. Nathan love flipping, flipping, flipping...everything, even if it is bigger than he is.

Max is so handsome. I hope his independent times increase so you don't have to choose between a shower or doing the dishes!

Love you friend!

Kristi said...

When Noah was right around Alex's age he loved to spin bowls on the floor. He still loves to spin everything he can though. Especially himself. Max is so darn cute. I wish Nick liked his baby gym. He screams when I try to put him under it.

Kelly said...

Love Max's jeans. . . love Alex's spinning skills! Kelly F

Nikki said...

Love Alex's big smile :)

We need to get that cutie max up in the blog header!


Christine said...

Ahhhhh yes the spining...... Nathan also loves to spin every bowl, bucket, cup or plate. I must warn you...this is how Nathan became the grabber.. he's discovery of spinning has caused him to grab everything in sight and attempt to spin it....

Max is so cute, I just wan to eat him all up!

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