Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Today is my due date. I have never made it to my due date before. I'm starting to wonder if this baby is so big it cant make it down very far to get things going. This morning at 9:30 I see my OB, She will see if I'm dilated, and I'm hoping she will strip my membranes, and help get things going.
I have not been feeling well, first Noah, then Joel, then Alex, then me. I seemed to have it the hardest. Coughing, snot, feeling pretty bad. This morning I feel a lot better than I have the past two days, still have a cough, but at least it is productive.
Adam used one of only two days he had off to take care of Alex yesterday, so I could rest. It was needed,but now he only has one day off for this baby.
I will update soon and let everyone know what happened at the doctors.

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The VW's said...

I'll be praying that today is THE day! 9-9-09 would be a cool birthday to have! And, easy to remember too! Hope your appointment goes well and hope you continue to feel better!!! HUGS!

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