Friday, September 11, 2009


Sunday is the day. We plan on leaving the house at 7:00 and arriving at the hospital at 8:00am central time. My doctor will be on call, and will break my water. Sunday is the day.
You can follow me on twitter, or on face book. I will blog when I can, and as soon as I can. Making twitter and face book updates will be fast and easier for me as I'm in labor.
Tomorrow (Saturday) we plan on watching Noah and Joel in their soccer games, hanging out with Bird, and preparing for the big day.
Sunday it is!


Unknown said...

Yippee! Try to have a good day tomorrow, spending it with your family. =) Sunday will be a good day. A happy day!

Anonymous said...

You could open the envelope and see if you have to stop at a store to get a pink outfit. :)


trista said...

Because you have this all planned, it will be Saturday. :) Either way, wishing you a smooth labor and delivery and a very happy, healthy baby!

Kelly said...

I can't wait...can you?!?!?


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