Monday, September 28, 2009

Happy Hour!

Max is two weeks old. When Alex was two weeks old, I held him for the first time. THE FIRST TIME! It feels like Max has been with us forever, I cant believe I had to wait that long to hold Alex. He was still on a vent, but stable enough to be held. Some nights I will get a 3 hour stretch of sleep, and I'm good with that. Other nights I only get 30 minute stretches. Its hard to get out of bed, but once I pick up Max and see his little blue eyes, I remember how thankful I am that we are home, he is eating, breathing and sleeping in his own bed. There are no alarms, no nurses, no blood gas pokes, or middle of the night x-rays. We are all together, and this newborn time will go by so fast.

So in this house, even 3:00 a.m feedings are HAPPY HOUR

Friday, September 25, 2009

Typing with one finger and other such joys.....

I dont have much to say which is good because Im typing with one finger. Just like I eat with one hand, feed Alex with one hand, and do this and that with one hand. I dont mind things are really good. Max is a great baby, rarely cries, is easy to calm, hasnt spit up once in his entire life. (maybe a gift from God after the reflux RTS throw up in my past)! Alex is doing great, no signs of jealousy, Noah loves Max so much, and Joel steals a hug now and then. I still check in on my blog friends, but of course rarely comment because Im typing with one finger.33333333, those threes are from Alex, he says hi!!!!!!
And so I leave you with these pictures of JOY, because typing with one finger is painfully hard!

Monday, September 21, 2009

After all it is my blog........

So everyone has been saying what a big boy I am lately. I guess it took my little Max to show everyone how big I really am. I'm cruising and climbing a lot lately. I'm eating more and more and more. I love my little brother, but I don't understand why he doesn't light up and play music when I press his eye, or tummy. Mommy is teaching me to be gentle. I had my first cold of the season and got over it like a champ. I did turn two, I dont know what the big fuss is over me being so big.

Im such a BIG boy!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

One week old.......

Even though he was my biggest baby, Max was by far my easiest labor and delivery. Perfect epidural, I felt no pain. Only 9 pushes, and home the next day, BOTH mother and baby! So how have we been spending this first week of Max's life? LOTS of yawning........ Lots of cuddling.......

Lots of baby wearing.......

Lots of visiting...........

Lots of sleeping.........

More cuddling.........

Lots of staring.........

Lots of baby leg eating........

And baby kisses........

and lots of brothers........


Monday, September 14, 2009

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Still Calm....

No contractions since before Joels soccer game this morning. Noah's is this afternoon. Quite honeslty since we have made it this far, I am hoping we make it to tomorrow so I can have my doctor.
I really thought it was time last night, maybe I only contract in the middle of the night?

A calm.....

So after my last update I was able to go back to sleep, the contractions have been few, but when they come they are REAL CONTRACTIONS. Joel has a soccer game at 10, I'm hoping to go to his, since it is his very first. Noah's is at 1:00, I'm not sure I will make it that long. Right now there is a break, a calm if you will. I would love to have my doctor deliver this baby, but she wont be in until tomorrow, and I don't think this baby will wait.


Its 2:20 in the morning, I have had 3 very strong contractions...OUCH! I got up took a shower, and started a load of laundry, as the only pants I have been wearing (my maternity yoga pants) needed to be cleaned. I'm hoping they will be dry in time, if we end up leaving for the hospital.
Since my shower I haven't had anymore contractions, but those 3 that I had....OUCH!!!!!!!

Friday, September 11, 2009


Sunday is the day. We plan on leaving the house at 7:00 and arriving at the hospital at 8:00am central time. My doctor will be on call, and will break my water. Sunday is the day.
You can follow me on twitter, or on face book. I will blog when I can, and as soon as I can. Making twitter and face book updates will be fast and easier for me as I'm in labor.
Tomorrow (Saturday) we plan on watching Noah and Joel in their soccer games, hanging out with Bird, and preparing for the big day.
Sunday it is!

All new to me...............

My fourth baby and this is all new to me. I have never gone this far into a pregnancy, I have always been full term, but go past my due date? Is the baby so big it cant move down? Should I have had the c-section? All I have is questions now, and all I know is I have to have a healthy baby. I do not want to see the NICU again.
Whats wrong?!?!?! No regular contractions, and when they come they are barely uncomfortable.
I'm going to call my doctor today and see if we cant get things going sooner. The baby isn't moving as much, and I'm sure its because there is absolutely no more room to move. Or I hope that is why.
Baby just kicked:)
I'll let you know what the doctor says......

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Will it be today?

Still waiting......The baby certainly has dropped, but I have had no regular contractions. After Alex eats breakfast this morning we are going on a walk. A very slow walk I might add, since my appointment yesterday I have a new gate about me, its very slow, and yes, I waddle. The doctor also said that if I haven't had this baby by Sunday to just come in and she will break my water. I would prefer she do this sooner than Sunday, but she also said if I have any regular contractions at all to just come in. So I just have to get things going. As if I have control over it.

So we are still waiting......

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Doctors Appointment

I am dialated to a 2, not very exciting since you can be at a 2 for weeks. The doctor did strip my membranes, so now we just wait.


Today is my due date. I have never made it to my due date before. I'm starting to wonder if this baby is so big it cant make it down very far to get things going. This morning at 9:30 I see my OB, She will see if I'm dilated, and I'm hoping she will strip my membranes, and help get things going.
I have not been feeling well, first Noah, then Joel, then Alex, then me. I seemed to have it the hardest. Coughing, snot, feeling pretty bad. This morning I feel a lot better than I have the past two days, still have a cough, but at least it is productive.
Adam used one of only two days he had off to take care of Alex yesterday, so I could rest. It was needed,but now he only has one day off for this baby.
I will update soon and let everyone know what happened at the doctors.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Alex!!!!

My oh my how things have changed in two years!!!!!
And how they have changed in ONE! You lost some weight........You have favorite toys, like Tad

and your fridge toys. You love to press the buttons, and spin around on the kitchen floor (original 1986 floor!)

You learned how to crawl!

And even got over your grass sensory issues, well, with pants on.

You love to stand and cruise, and CLAP



You love to sit under trees and watch and feel the wind.

You love to have your picture taken

Because you must know how special you are.

Yes, I think you know!

You must have your glow bug, and "B" when we tuck you in for bed.

Oh, I think you know how special you are!

You love to play peek a boo!

Happy BIRTHDAY Alex, today you turn TWO!!!!!

and since its your birthday I will brag on you:
not only did you learn to crawl, cruise, and explore in the grass.
You began to eat! So good tube feedings have been cut back.
You babble, only when you are in the mood.
You love to read books.
You love to be cuddled.
You love to go bye bye, and walk into the house. (it actually makes you giggle)
You love to take a bath, hearing the bath water sends you straight to the tub.
You put in, and stack on top.
You rearrange your pillow until its just right before you go to sleep at night. (the benefits to a video monitor)
You have come so far from the day you were born. We love you so much Alex for just who you are! We are so thankful you are in our lives!