Monday, August 10, 2009

Thank you!

Here is Alex getting a foot massage during physical therapy, and it was thebest way to describe how I am feeling. Although I am not getting many foot massages lately, you may find me collapsed next to the front window some days. This not only affects the laundry, dinner, and other messes around the house. It affects my blogging, its more the mental aspect of it than the sitting down and typing. Things are going really good, Alex is recovered from his surgery, although still unable to sleep well without motrin, not sure if its from surgery or two year molars. All we know is the first night before his surgery was his best night sleep since. ANYWAY, this very pregnant mamma wants to say thankyou to all of you who came to my shower, eating the virtual treats, and playing the virtual games! It was so much fun wasnt it?!?!?!

So from me, and mystery baby number 4, THANK YOU! Your kindness warmed my heart this weekend!

It meant so much to be thought of by people I don't know, from people whom I have never met, but know so well, and thank you so much to my RTS sisters who put this whole thing together for me.
Much love,


Staci said...

I wish someone would give me a foot massage too :) Looks heavenly! My daughter Lucy has been having some trouble sleeping at night as well and I am convinced it is the 2 year molars (she'll be 2 on Sept. 16th). Good luck. Can't wait to find out if baby Pruitt #4 is a boy or girl. I was VERY SURE our baby #4 was going to be a boy...we found out last week that we are actually having a girl! The first time out of 4 that I was wrong...just couldn't believe it :)

Melanie said...

I love the photos! All of them.
I think I would be mush if someone gave me a foot massage. I would love that! And you look beautiful preggers. I loved being pregnant and I'm secretly jealous that you get to be!
The photo of the newcomer to your family is great. Looks beautiful, and just about "done" baking! :)

Alicia said...

Oh wow, Alex looks like he is in heaven!! I would SO be passed out on the floor like him if I were getting a foot massage. :)

I am so sorry I missed your baby shower! I didn't even know about it until yesterday, after it was over. Didn't get much computer time over the weekend. I am glad to hear that it was fun.

I am thinking about you and baby #4 a lot lately.