Friday, August 7, 2009


Who is this?
Alex's big sister?
Well, yes Addie is Alex's RTS sister, and her dad is raising money for RTS.
The rare syndromes don't get much attention, and so they don't get money for research. You can help raise money for RTS, their families, and research by clicking on the button to the right, and give. Any little bit counts, and this time it counts for Addie, and Alex, and so many precious kids with RTS.


The VW's said...

What a cutie!!!

Terri H-E said...

Oh, I have not seen that pic in so long! What a surprise to crack your blog and find my sweet there...

Thanks for your support for Michael's run and for spreading the word.

Training is going well, though he needs to run indoors for the first time today - storms expected this afternoon during his 18 mile run - not worth the risk to run outside!

Thanks again and take care!
Terri, Michael, Cate and Alex's sister Addie