Monday, July 20, 2009

We are home

We are home. The surgery went well. Alex did just fine with the anesthesia. Both testes were brought down, two hernias were fixed, and his blocked tear duct was probed. The right teste is in place and has a great blood supply. The doctor had to cut one of the two blood supplies to the left teste, but was able to bring it down, and it still has blood supply. He said there is a 25% chance of him losing that one, but one is all you need!
Alex is in a LOT of pain tonight. I wont be posting again until little man gives me more than 2 minutes to go to the bathroom. Lots of cuddling today, lots of codeine too. Sometimes I wonder if its working.
I took some pictures, and will post them as soon as I am able.
We go back to doctor on Thursday to remove the bandages on his circumcision. OUCH! Honestly, it might be the worst part of all.

Pictures coming as soon as I can sit here longer.


Phillippa said...

I'm so glad it went so well. Thinking of you hugging your little man. :-)

Following Him said...

Poor baby Alex! I have been thinking about him ALL day long. Prayers and hugs coming to you!

Anonymous said...

big hugs to alex...and mommy too!! hope he's feeling better soon!!

Kenzie said...

Thanks so much for the updates... poor baby is hurting bad and it's about as bad for you just watching him hurt. Glad y'all are able to snuggle! Love you and praying for a quick recovery!

Melanie said...

Poor guy! Hope things heal up quickly and you get a few minutes.
Glad things went well and that stressful day is over.

Anonymous said...

Poor little sweet Alex. Praying that today will be better.


Kelly said...

Sooo glad you are home. I hope the night got better as it went on.


The VW's said...

Poor little guy! I pray that he is pain free very soon! Glad to hear that the surgery went well! HUGS!!!

ANewKindOfPerfect said...

Poor Alex. I hope the pain eases up and he is healed quickly!

Anonymous said...

It is so sad that he has had so much pain. I pray for better days ahead. Give him a squeeze from his Aunt Mary. Love you!

Dorsey said...

I hope Alex begins to feel less pain hour by hour until he's pain free. He has been on my mind and I sent a few prayers heavenward for him. He's such a cutie!
It can't be to easy to snuggle and carry him around with a big tummy in the way. I have two pregnant daughters and the one with a 2 1/2 year old is finding it difficult when her little one gets sick and clingy. Hang in there, it will get easier. Just take care of yourself, so you don't get sick.