Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wrestling monsters

The thought of wrestling monsters doesn't really seem like a far fetched thought to me.

Wrestling the eating monster, the reflux monster, the throw up monster, the surgery monster, the respiratory monster, the infection monster, the really, really, really big RTS monster.

I feel like every day there is a monster who needs wrestled back, or one lurking in the shadows thinking about pouncing on me with an attack. Even when things are good, I can sense these monsters. It seems I'm holding my breath waiting for the next wrestling match to start.

Sometimes it seems this is the hardest part of raising Alex, the knowing something is coming, maybe an infection, or even a surgery, something is next, and I just have to wait for it, not relax.

Always have my wrestling gear on, my stance, keep up on my toes, so I wont get tackled from behind, and held down.

For Alex, wrestling monsters only means crawling into his brothers room to find his sweet, friendly, bean bag monster. He hugs, rolls, flips, and wrestles this friendly monster. I got your back buddy, Ill wrestle the big monsters, and you stick with yours.


I'm leaving for Florida tomorrow!!!!! No monsters to wrestle there. Just rays to catch, beaches to lay on, and friends to laugh with.


Kelly said...

Alex is so lucky to have you wrestle those monsters for him. To protect him from the bad guys!

At this time tomorrow I will be headed to the airport...Yippee!!

Got to go and get packing....

Kelly W.

The VW's said...

Between you and Alex, there is NO WAY those monsters will ever win! Keep wrestling, but don't forget to enjoy the moments of peace as well!

Have a wonderful time on your trip! HUGS!

Finding Normal said...

I so get this. Surgery monster is trying to kick my ass right now. The anxiety dreams, the morbid thoughts, the questions...ugh!
Have fun in Florida!

Brandi said...

Great analogy Jessica. Check Alex out beating the darn monster down...I love it. He's even standing over the top of it.

Those monsters have to get smaller and have less frequent visits sooner than later. Pretty soon, I'm sure they will completely vacate!

Love you friend. Have a great trip. Send me lots of pics!

Alicia said...

Beautiful. You seriously need to write a book called "Deep Thoughts by Jessica Priutt"!

Have a great time in Florida!

trista said...

Love the bean right?
I wonder if you got the matching bedding for the boys? I've been eyeing it for Will. I think it's so cute! Cute pics of Alex...AND HAVE FUN ON YOUR TRIP! :)

Kristi said...

I'm only going to be 2 hours away. I have to find a way to come see you guys.. Can u email me with whatever hotel you all are staying at.???