Thursday, June 4, 2009

Winds of change

First day of summer!!!! I'm so excited to spend everyday with my boys. This summer is also bringing with it changes.

Alex will be going on his first vacation, first airplane ride, and first trip to the Rocky Mountains. I'm excited, but I must admit I'm nervous. There is so much to bring with us, I'm scared I will forget something: his food, feeding bags, syringes, his medicine. By the way can feeding pumps handle the security at an airport? You know how film in a camera can be ruined, will his pump be ok? I know its like I'm looking for things to worry about.
July 20th is Alex's surgery day. I'm excited to have it out of the way soon, but never is handing your sweet child over to someone who is going to sedate them, and cut on them easy. He will be having his testes brought down, and his right eye probed since it is completely blocked. (tear duct).
Alex is moving forward so fast with eating, and fine and gross motor skill. Just this morning he had honey nut Cheerios (soggy in milk of course) for breakfast, no gagging, no choking. I would give him yogurt after a cheerio to help it go down, and he did great!
He is also pressing buttons more and more with his hand, and not his mouth. Although, I find the mouth pressing very much a precious skill. He is pulling.

and sliding things. He is doing all this for the reactino the toy gives, he know button/lever/string means reaction
this week was also Alex's first sucker. We went to the bank, and I thought it was time for Alex to share in the joys of going to the bank. I handed him the tangerine goodness in the car, and it went straight for his mouth, there it stayed until the sucker went back to far, he took it out and threw it.
When we got home, I washed it off, and gave it to him. He wasn't as thrilled since he knew he could be gagged, but he kept it in for two pictures, before throwing it again.

here is to firsts!
any tips on traveling with a tube fed baby would be great!
Also this sweet girl is having surgery to day, send them your love!


Finding Normal said...

What a cutie!
I hate packing for vacation. I recommend taking a spare button and a few extra sets of tubing, since you can't just buy that stuff. And prepare to be stared at. We feed bolus, though, so it's much more obvious when she's being fed. A lot of people have never seen it, apparently. While I love vacation, I also dread it a tiny bit because even morons go on vacation, and apparently they're all there the same week we are.

Susie said...

We just flew over the weekend and I remember pulling a disposable camera out of Oceana's bag when we went through security. It's a film camera and I was afraid it would get ruined. They had a sign right there that said, The xray WILL NOT ruin your film. Our digital camera, video camera, computer, iTouch, and iPod Shuffles went through w/o problems. I hope that's at least some comfort to you! Hope the trip goes great! And Hugs for the trip...I really don't enjoy flying with babies!

Hailey said...

Sounds like a fun filled summer! Have fun!
Alex is getting so big!

The VW's said...

Yay to Summer! Hope you enjoy it and your vacation with your boys!

Alicia said...

First trip to the Rocky Mountains huh? I'm guessing you're coming to CO? If so, we'd love to try to get to where you are to see you. But, I understand if it is going to be too hectic for you to have spare time. E-mail me and let me know. No pressure! :)

I would imagine feeding pumps would be just fine in security scanners, but just a guess. If your DME is a national company like Apria, they can pretty easily get you any supplies you might have forgotten. We are making a trip to Grand Junction next week and I am going to be making a massive list and checking things off as I pack them. I am a list maker. If I didn't do it this way, I'd leave my own head behind! ;)

Love the sucker pictures!

Tamara said...

ok I am so excited to see you and cant believe its right around the corner! Traveling you will be fine. When we went to NY there was no big deal about it all. They will check everything over to make sure it is what it is. Pack what you use daily x's the number of days you will be here and then add two more days just in case of an emergency. We have the same pump and bags so if you need something, we will have it! Like alicia mentioned, pack an extra button! May come in handy! Don't forget a memo of Alex's medical history and doctors numbers and ins cards, just incase!

I love that Alex is striving!!! So wonderful to see him doing all this!

Talk SOON!!!!

Brandi said...

Yahoo to all of Alex's feeding victories! I am so excited for him!
We are currently packing for a trip ourselves and boy oh boy, I feel like I'm packing a hospital. Oxcimeter, pump, bags, tubes, breathing treatment machine (I forgot the name), oxygen, extra probes, tubing for machines, on top of just the normal stuff. I can't wait though, we are really looking forward to some time away.

Hope you have a great trip! Hugs to you friend.

Cindy said...

Good job with the lolli, Alex! That is so cute!

connie said...

Is TX on the way to CO?

ANewKindOfPerfect said...

I am so thrilled that Alex is learning all these new skills. He's awesome!

We have flown a lot with Peanut and all her machinery. I always get a note from the doctor ahead of time that says that we will be travelling with a feeding pump, medication, needless syringes, etc. We have never had a problem. Security is a pain, but we have always gotten through. We have her wheelchair too to make things even MORE interesting. ;)

Oh, and I don't think the xrays hurt camera film anymore, that's old news. LOL