Tuesday, June 2, 2009


last Friday was Alex's very first speech therapy, that is "talking speech" not eating speech. He did very well, letting his therapist in his mouth, and doing a tiny bit of vocal play with her, by patting his mouth and ba ba baing back and forth with her. He even let her in his mouth, which is huge for this little man, who must remember that vent tube down his throat.

Once summer kicks in we are planning on doing twice a week for this particular therapy. I'm excited for some results!


Brandi said...

Jessica, he looks so big in these pictures. How tall is he? I'm looking forward to starting speech (nor feeding) therapy too. Does the same person do both for Alex?

The VW's said...

I'm praying that pretty soon Alex will be talking so much that you'll be wishing that he never got started! :) Some days I wish this about my 6 year old...man can that boy talk! I guess you could say that he talks enough for himself and Gavin too!

I'm loving Alex's legs in that picture! They are so squeezable!