Thursday, June 25, 2009


I HATE to fly.
I'm scared of heights, I don't like feeling how fast I'm going, I don't like turbulence, I don't like to think of the little screws holding the plane together. I hate looking at the wings, I hate the loud engines, I'm always watching the flight attendants to see what expressions they have, are they worried, or are they bustling about as normal? I dont let it stop me, but I HATE it just the same.

Today, bright and early Myssie and I are flying to Florida to meet up with some other RTS mammas. So Myssie, I apologize for any panic attack I may or may not have on the take offs, and landings.

Alex loves his airplane card that we do when we are going over flash cards at meal time. I make it fly across, and back while I make a very good I might say airplane noise. He laughs, and smiles every single time. Now my smart little man, will take the card from me, and hold it up, his way of making it fly, while I make the airplane noise. He makes my day! I miss you already boys.


The VW's said...

You are such a cutie, Alex!!!

Have a wonderful trip, Jessica!!!

Tamara said...

Such a sweet Boy! See momma it will all be o.k.!
Have a great time, what a blessing to meet such incredible mommas!

Alicia said...

So glad you get to go. It will all be fine and you'll have a great time. I told Myssie to not let you break her hand when you are holding it on the plane! ;)

ANewKindOfPerfect said...

I hope you have a great trip!!

I love that Alex makes the plane fly. :)

Sawyer said...

Have an awesome trip, I'm totally jealous!