Thursday, May 21, 2009

Pressing buttons, itchy rash, and a flashback....

Sorry I have been absent, all three boys are feeling better. Alex's medicine makes him a bit more refluxy if I can make up my own words. the Urologist actually said we could stop giving him the medicine, but his urine sure smelled, and I mean STUNK, and I am a firm believer of finishing antibiotics once they have been started.
This itchy rash on my arms, and face is making me miserable. I went to the doctor and he said it looks like some sort of contact allergy, I have no idea what it could be, I'm not eating or using anything new.
Noah's baseball has also started, so it has been very busy around here, and soon Joel will start baseball.
Now on to that button pressing. Alex has been pressing buttons to make things happen for quite a while now, only he started by using his mouth. Sure the therapist don't like it, but I think its cute, and what a smart boy for finding a way to press the button before realizing his hands could do the trick. He has just now started using his hand. Still no pointer finger, he uses his whole hand, sometimes even his fist, but I still think its cute when he uses his mouth.

Flashback.....Alex a year ago this month!!!!!! Look at those arms:)


Cathy said...

Hoping this rash will go away for you. If momma ain't happy...
you know what the rest of that is, right? Thank you for the pictures of Alex and I think it is cute how he chooses to operate his buttons.

The VW's said...

Great job Alex, do it your own way!

Sorry about the annoying and frustruating! My siser-in-law had this before and she was advised to stop using anything with dyes or perfumes in them. (lotion, laundry soap, etc.) She was going through a lot of stress at the time (wedding, moving) and when she stopped using products with dyes, etc. in them, it got better. She has since been able to use these things again and hasn't had anymore rashes.

You have been a busy momma lately with being pregnant, moving and sick kiddos, so maybe your body is under stress now too and unable to tolerate extras?! Hope it improves soon!

Jacqui said...

I really hope you figure out what's causing your rash. Not fun!

I must just say that Alex is doing exactly what our little Matt did in terms of knowing that buttons result in fun sounds/music but also knowing that his fingers weren't going to do the trick yet. So why not use other body parts - I think that's real cognitive processing in action. As Matt's fine motor developed he slowly started to use his fingers more, he is still learning actually. The whole pointing thing is only now happening for him. But I loved the way that he didn't let that stop him from interacting with the world around him - as with your explorer.

Alicia said...

Wow, you sure are busy! I hope the rash can be relieved soon. Anything you can take for it, being pregnant?

I think it is so funny what therapists don't like about how kiddos do things. Marissa's speech therapist just about had a cow when she first learned how to stick out her tongue. Marissa was only about 10 months old and the therapist said it was rude! I was so excited she could do that at all, so I encouraged the behavior!! *sticking tongue out at therapist!* Theraoy is great, but kids should be cheered for doing things in any manner at all, just for doing them. Way to go Alex!!

Kelly said...

I need your rash to go away! You can't be sick too!!

As for the is one of those things in books that your child should do at "such and such" month. It bugged me that AnnaKate would not point. She just started. It is one of those strange will come but not for a while!

Kelly W.

Dani said...

I had the same thing when I was pregnant this last time. I stopped using the lotion I have used for years and it cleared up in about three days. wierd I have started using it again and have had not problems.
Alex is so cute!

Michelle said...

Well, gosh, Jessica, can anything be any easier for you right now??

That's a joke.

I'm glad the kids are feeling better.
Rash? I've had a horrid rash all over my face, neck and chest, I think it's stress. maybe that is where yours is coming from too. You have an awful lot going on right now.

I LOVE the pic with him pushing the buttons with his mouth.

Praying for you as always.

PS-did you ever open that envelope?

Cindy said...

The only time I get rashes is when I'm pregnant. I know it's a pain! I hope you find out what's causing it. In the meantime, you could ask if cortizone is safe so you can stop itching!