Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Mothers Day!!!!

We had a wonderful day. We started the day off with a bike ride to the park, Alex wasn't really amused, but once I unhooked the shoulder straps he tolerated it much better. Don't worry he was still strapped in safely. Besides being attacked by the buffalo gnats it was a nice time. Then we went out to eat for lunch, went shopping for flower pots, and came home to relax. The older boys played outside all day long while I did not change one diaper, I did not do one tube feeding, I did take a nap on the couch, and I did watch some meaningless television.

What did you do?

Hope you had a wonderful mothers day!


Finding Normal said...

I did a whole bunch of NOTHING! I didn't even dress until 4 pm. Addison pooped twice, and I changed neither of them. I did fold laundry, but that's just cuz I love it. I did not take any pictures and should have.

The VW's said...

Cute pictures! Glad to hear that you enjoyed your Mother's Day!!!

andreawilliams said...

Super cute pictures! What kind of bike attachment is that?

Marissa said...

That last pic, it looks like Alex is saying "I HATE SHOULDER STRAPS!!!" Ha, too funny and cute!

I relaxed most of the day too. I did have to change one dirty diaper but it was only because hubby was grocery shopping for me. :)

Glad you had a nice Mother's Day!


Kenzie said...

Happy late Mother's Day sweet girl! Thanks for the message yesterday! Looks like you had lots of fun... Maybe I'll have to get you to talk to Dusty for me about bikes. Mr. Anti-bike... maybe it's because he CRASHED one in college, never lived it down and swears never to get on one again!! :)

Love you friend!