Monday, May 18, 2009

E coli, strep, and questions.

So it turns out Alex does have a UTI, and it looks like e coli is the culprit. I am waiting to hear from the doctor about if we need to take further action as far as kidney reflux is concerned or if we wait for another UTI to happen before we would do that. Alex seems to be feeling fine, and his urine no longer smells.

I'm wondering what the chances are that his urine could have been tainted because he was bagged and not cathed. Can you have a UTI and not have a fever? Cathy??? This was one of the sure signs the doctors told me when Alex did have the phase 2 reflux (the fever). Maybe I should have let him be cathed??????

He wasn't throwing up (which was another sign), the only sign Alex had was smelly urine. And he never got a UTI when he had the reflux, so it puzzles me that he would get one now. Can kidney reflux come back once it is gone? Anyone that knows anything about UTI's, and kidney reflux feel free to email me about any info you think I could use when I talk to the doctor.

Alex has did throw up twice on Sunday, I don't know if it is the medicine (which can cause nausea), or the UTI, but something is causing him to throw up because it is so out of character for him to do. When you need to stay hydrated throwing up is one of the last things you need to do, I tried to tell him that, but he threw up for the second time anyway. Hoping for no throw up today!

So I hope to talk to his pediatrician and urology today, and see if we need to take further action or if one UTI in a year is anything to get worked up over. If his reflux did come back I would want it to be fixed when he has his surgery in July.
Noah and Joel are back to being themselves, strep is such an easy fix.......


Finding Normal said...

I have no answers for you, but hope your Dr. Pee will.

Alicia said...

The only time Marissa might have had a UTI, she had pneumonia at the same time, so the fever could have been from that or the UTI or both. She was also bagged, not cathed and the doc said he couldn't be sure the sample wasn't tainted. But he said that, either way, the antibiotics she was on would clear it up, if it was there in the first place.

All that to say, I don't really have any answers for you either!! Sorry!

I hope you can get some answers and that there is no worries of the reflux and this is just a chance infection.


Brandi said...

The only piece of info. that I have to offer is that we were told to follow up with a vcug every couple of years because Nathan could develop kidney reflux. When he had his last vcug it showed that one of his uretrs was swollen but there was no reflux.

Aahhh Jessica, take a deep breath. Answers are on their way. I'm with you sister. :)

lovinsanta said...

My daughter (age 7) has horrible UTI's and I mean all the time. However, the only way for us to know she has one is the strong urine smell. She does not run a fever, have back pain and is not throwing up. If her urine has a strong smell (like knock you over) I take her in and it is always present. She has been on cipro and we just got done with a 3 mo preventative. She got checked for reflux and doesn't have that, but they said sometimes when treating them you don't always kill the bacteria in the bladder. Then when they get off the meds it just comes back. Therefore, we did a 3 mo course and she hasn't had another YET!

Hope the little man gets feeling better soon!

Heather in Indiana

The VW's said...

I would not worry, if they said that the reflux had resolved it self. Although rare, boys can get UTI's. Our 6 year old had several when he was younger and hasn't had one in years.

Using a bag instead of cathing can taint the sample, but being on the antibiotic won't hurt him and could actually help since your other boys had strep recently. Alex is covered now.

Hope they are all feeling better soon!!!

Michelle said...

I've had 3 UTI's myself and each one has felt different. The first one I had no symptoms, the 2nd hurt to go to the bathroom, and the 3rd I had sharp pains in my back. Never once had a fever!

Kelly said...

Yuck....I hate UTI's, strep, E-coli, fever, no fever, reflux, puke, questions....all of it!!! Sorry friend.

Kelly W.

ANewKindOfPerfect said...

When my Peanut gets UTI's, there is never a fever. She has even ended up with urosepsis because she didn't have a fever until she was septic! The infection had spread because she had no symptoms, so we didn't know to take her in.

Now that she's cath'd, it's obvious when she has a UTI. Her pee will get cloudy or smelly. KNOCK ON WOOD, she hasn't had a UTI in two years!!

I would ask the doctor about repeating the VCUG before his surgery. If you could do two things at once, that would be better! And if he doesn't have kidney reflux, then you'll feel better knowing that for sure. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh Jess, I am so sorry! Did Abby and Alex play together, chew on the same toy and we just didn't know it?

I'm thinking of you and know what your going through cauz we are doing it here too! Hugging and praying from a far my sweet friend!


Cathy said...

jessica, I am going to email you. After yesterdays appt. I am at peace but totally confused.

Lisa said...

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