Monday, May 25, 2009

Books, skills, bikes, and an adorable boy.

Alex loves books, he can stand at a toy box full of light up toys, and musical toys, but he will go right for the book. He loves to sit and look at the book, he loves to have us read the book, he loves to turn the pages of the book. Did I say turn the pages???? That's right I did. Alex was being evaluated all last week by his therapist because his IEP is coming up, and he turns pages!!!! One page at a time!!!! Why does this make me smile? Well, its a 20 month skill. How old is Alex you ask? He is 20 months! I think its a gift that he loves books, and I'm thrilled at his ability to sit, look at, turn the pages, and enjoy a book.

Other exciting new around our house is that Joel learned to ride his bike without training wheels this weekend. He didn't want to, he isnt a thrill seeker, but it was one of those times where you teach your children to fly, or give your child wings, how does that statement go? Anyway, we knew he could do it, and to his surprise he picked it right up. Sunday morning he wanted to try again, but his daddy had to go into work, so I told him his very pregnant mamma wasn't going to run along side him. There he went, all by himself!

We had a very relaxing weekend, got the garage cleaned out, the boys bedroom furniture painted, and played in the water.

Alex posed for the camera whenever it was out. Here he is crawling to the stairs. We haven't found a baby gate that fits at the top of our stairs. One side is a regular wall, and the other is about 12 inches up, and then stops. He hasn't tried to go down, but he will reach, and feel that the floor ends, sit back look for a little bit, and then reach and feel that the floor ends again. So he is very curious. So we are always on high alert.

What a handsome boy!

Tomorrow we go to St.Louis for a NICU follow up, and eye doctor appointment. I will update when we get back tomorrow night.


Kelly said...

What fun!

Alex is such a cutie and doing so well. Wait until he starts ripping the pages of his books. That is AnnaKate's newest obsession. I walked in her room and caught her with a pile of ripped pages this morning...ugh..

Go Joel...Wow~~

Kelly W.

Following Him said...

What handsome boys you have :) Alex looks so grown up with his haircut! YAHOO for cool :)
Have a great Memorial Day!

tm in oh said...

:) :) :) :) :) luv ya!

Terri H-E said...

Alex is such a big boy. It's so exciting to watch him grow, see what gives him a thrill, witness him learn to make his own fun. He brings back so many sweet memories for me.

Hope to meet the young prince soon!

Our Journey said...

alex is such a handsome young man!! i wish frankie would sit and be so content with a book!!

CONGRATS TO JOEL on learning to ride his bike!! Outside time is going to be much more enjoyable now!!!

Trista said...

Yay for books and no training wheels! Love Alex's plaid! When do we get to see belly shots???

Alicia said...

What a great thing that Alex loves books!

Yay for Joel learning how to ride a bike!

Have a great Memorial Day!

The VW's said...

Great job Alex! You are so smart and so adorable! I love your cute outfit!

Great job to big brother Joel too!!

Glad you enjoyed your weekend!

ANewKindOfPerfect said...

Look at all those handsome boys! We had our Slip N Slide out this weekend too. Hello summer!!

I love the book pictures. That is awesome that he turns the pages! My peanut loves looking at picture books and having them read to her, but she is nowhere close to turning pages.

Alex is so smart. :)

Christina said...

My daughter has a rare chromosome disorder and has been the same way about a "filled toy box" and choosing a book over everything. Our children are amazing arent they? Your family is beautiful!
Stop by Pooh's Corner sometime.