Monday, April 13, 2009

Spring Break!

This past week Noah and Joel were on spring break. We kicked off the week with Noah's soccer game then to a movie (monsters vs Aliens), The older boys had a sleep over at the farm, a walk to the park, a trip to the skating rink, and of course it ended with an egg hunt, and candy.
Alex decided that this week he wanted to explore more of his house, and has started leaving rooms to go see what else is in the house, Adam found him in the bathroom on Saturday:) Since we only have 4 more days until we move, I guess he thought he needed to get all he could out of this house before he had a new one to explore.
At the end of the week Joel had a cough and was snotty, and of course it wasn't long until Alex had the same symptoms, so we have had a few breathing treatments, and lots of suctioning going on. Despite all that it was a very restful week!

We are supposed to be going to St.Louis on Tuesday for a NICU follow up, and an eye appointment, but I'm not driving two hours with a sick boy, so I have to decide today if I am changing appointment times or not.........He hasn't had a fever, but lots of snot, sounds like a dog when he coughs, and isn't sleeping his best. He is tolerating his feeds, but isn't eating as much from the spoon as normal. Ill know by tonight what we are doing tomorrow.


The VW's said...

Glad your family enjoyed a fun-filled week! Hope Alex feels better soon!!!

angie said...

Hope that Alex feels better soon. I'm so excited for you to be moving to a new house:). Alex will have LOTS of fun exploring! Glad that you had a good week:).

Kristi said...

Noah has the same symptoms no fever but snotty and coughing. Hope Alex feels better soon.

Sawyer said...

Hope Alex feels better soon. I'm excited for you to be in your new house, you will have to take a lot of pictures.