Thursday, April 16, 2009

My Internet is Gone!

Well our internet provider who shall remain nameless at this time, but it rhymes with horizon, screwed up our move and cut off the internet to our old home earlier than they were supposed to. In order to reconnect it apparently it takes 5 - 10 business days and by that time we will be in the new house. So I have been without internet since Tuesday evening and will not get it back until next Monday. Luckily my sweet, charming, talented, loving, strong, caring, smart and very handsome husband has access to the internet and can post for me. Isn't he the greatest?


Finding Normal said...

He sounds like a great guy. And so modest!
We'll miss you. No go unpack so by Monday you're free to play!

Melanie said...

Don't you hate when "horizon" screws things up? We had problems like this before but with another company we'll call "BU & U". They mess up and we have to suffer. Creeps!!!

Well isn't that so sweet of your hubby to do that for you. Does he have editing/amending rights like my husband?!

Ask your hubby to enter you into my giveaway for your kiddies!!