Tuesday, April 21, 2009

House tour with Bird!

Hey everyone its Bird here. I know its been a LONG time since I have talked to you all, so I thought it would be cool of me to take you on a tour of my new pad. I like to sit in the front yard and gaze in amazement at the tree blowing in the wind.
And I LOVE to feel the wind rush through my hair!!!!!

But enough about me, come on into my house, thats it right there, the yellow one. With the boxes in front of the garage.

Come on in, Ill show you around. Oh, I'm sure my mom wants me to make sure you get that we are still unpacking, painting, and such things..........We will have another tour when that's all said and done!

Here is the living room, right now since there isnt furniture, its my play room, with a great view of trees blowing in the wind.

here is our little eat in off the kitchen, I sit in that chair with the red frog on the seat.

Here is the dining room, we still need to get a table and chairs for it.

This is what mamma is decorating the family room around. Shes pretty proud of these pillows. I cant wait to waller in them!

This is the living room downstairs, it still needs paint, and boxes put away, but me and my brothers like to kick it down here brother style!

This is my room, its pretty cool if you ask me, who wouldn't want monkeys, and zebras surrounding them at night???

This is my big brothers room, still needs books on the shelf, and things on the wall, but they are excited about it.

That's all for now, when mamma finishes all her work, Ill take you through again, and you can see the house the way they imagine it to look:)
Ive missed you all,
Love Bird


Following Him said...

COOL...I am so excited for you all! This looks like a GREAT new house...thanks for the tour!

Finding Normal said...

Love it!

Kelly said...

Love it! Great space for play and visitors!! :)

Kelly W.

The VW's said...

Looks like a nice place Alex! Thanks for the tour! Have fun!!!

Rebecca Jo said...

Been missing a Bird Post!!!

Keep that wind blowing through your hair little man!!!

Gripping Mercy and Grace said...

oh how fun! A whole new space to decorate as your own! Looking forward to the Extreeme Home Makeover before and afters! :O)

Marissa said...

Hey Bird, good to hear from you again! Thanks for the tour, the new house looks great. Can't wait to see it completed. And I love the pictures, especially the one with your hair blowing in the wind. You look like you are ready to fly!

Have a great day!


Terri H-E said...

Welcome home, Alex.

Brandi said...

Hey Bird,

That's a really cool new pad you've got. I have jungle animals in my bedroom too! It looks like you have lots of new space to explore and places to get into.

Did your mommy paint before you moved in, or were those cool circles already on your big brothers' wall? I like them a lot!

Have a great day big brother! I love you!


ANewKindOfPerfect said...

Wow, the house looks great! It sure has a lot of space. :) I love the pictures of the wind blowing in that gorgeous hair!

Cathy said...

Alex,Thank you for the tour of your new house. I do hope you enjoy the wind blowing the trees and your hair.

Christine said...

Wow Alex. That's a pretty neat looking house. I'm sure you'll make lots of cool memories there with your family. I Love that picture of you with the wind blowing in your hair.

Lorelle said...

Looks great Bird! Tell your mom she's doing an amazing job!
Tell her that I read her blog all the time and I love hearing about you guys.

I hope your baby brother/sister is growing big and healthy!

Love from Alabama!