Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Holding my breath

Joel has been sick, tummy stuff, all weekend. Hasn't had much to eat, I hope when he wakes up this morning he is better, and I'm holding my breath that Alex doesn't get it because we are going to Wisconsin this weekend for the annual Midwestern RTS reunion. I get to meet so many moms and sweet kids that I feel like I already know, but haven't had the honor of hugging yet.
We have also found a house that we really want, and might be getting an offer on our house this week, so we are holding our breath, in hopes!!!!!
Tomorrow I go to the doctor for a pregger check up, and I find myself holding my breath. Is there really a baby in there?
So today I'm just holding my breath, waiting.

So much big news to come.........


Hope said...

Fingers crossed that you stay healthy and get a good offer on your house! Good luck at your appt tomorrow.

Marissa said...

Holding your breath is OK for a little bit... just remember to breathe soon! Remember what I said about passing out when you are pregnant... not allowed! Good luck at the check-up.

I'll be praying this round of illness goes away as quickly as it showed up. I know you have been looking forward to the reunion for a long time.

And so cool about the house... I'll be hoping everything comes together for you guys.


Terri H-E said...

I'll hold it with you, but update soon or I'll pass out!

Sending you healthy vibes so we can take care of that hug that needs to happen this weekend.

All the best.
Terri et al.

Lacey said...

Hoping you get your house sold so you can get the house you want. Good luck at the pregger doc.

Kristi said...

Here's to hoping Alex and everyone else stays healthy.. Really can't wait to meet you all at the reunion. Good luck at the DR appt..

Tena said...

Update us when you can. I know that anxiety feeling when you're pregnant too well. Hope no one else gets sick - we're getting everyone better here, too!!

Michelle said...

Yuck, hope the ickies pass soon and hope you are feeling good, ok, my word verification is pregoe....is that ironic or what?? Do you pick that word?? Pretty funny!!I hope you make it to your gathering, I imagine it's awesome to be able to network with those other Mom's.

Anonymous said...

I am praying good health for all of you and that you will get a good offer on your home. I am also praying that you will get the house you want. I am praying for that little life that is growing inside you and for perfect health. God bless you with the desires of your heart, Jessica. AND - Happy Birthday tomorrow! I love you so much.

Love, Aunt Mary