Thursday, January 8, 2009

The up swing

We are in one, everyone is healthy, sleeping, no reflux.

Alex hasn't thrown up in 11 days! While he still managed to lose weight at his weigh in with the nutritionist yesterday, his head and length still grew. He is still getting all his Peptamin formula during the day, and just water at night which means no gagging and throwing up in bed. For others controlled by cc's and that care, Alex is getting 195 cc's 3 times a day of Peptamin, and 570 cc's of water at night. He also gets 3 oz of apple juice first thing in the morning with his a.m prevacid tablet. He is well hydrated, and with this comes poop, and he has been pooping everyday, as of late. He used to be a regular every 3rd day pooper, but lately its been everyday. Who cares about poop some of you might ask, in fact some might complain at the amount their child poops, but not this mom, with a child who has great potential to be constipated, effecting reflux, effecting appetite, and a whole lot of other things, this mom cheers for joy at the smell of a poopy diaper!

Alex is getting another tooth, but his sleep hasn't been effected by it like it was October-December. Those were a dark few months, and I feared maybe it wasn't teething, maybe this was just how it was going to be, but sleep once again came, and the horns with steam flowing out of them during the day, have gone back down into my head. Yes, its true, I aint so sweet without sleep.

Friday we go to Saint Louis for Urology, this will be when the Doctor confirms the report I have already seen that says his phase two kidney reflux is gone, and we discuss the surgery to bring down his testes. He will also have an echo cardiogram to check on the PDA, that no one is worried about.

I am hoping for a late spring and or late summer surgery.

Why the picture of Alex's pj's and tubing you ask....This is how we tape his tube to his pj's so if the tube gets pulled, it pulls on the loop, not the stoma. We also tape the tube connected to Alex and the tube from the bag together so they don't pull apart. Oh yes, and we also tape the medicine port shut so it doesn't open up, this happened once, and all his water went onto his bed instead of in him. With the loop where it is at, we are still able to zip up his pj's, so he stays warm. He is sure glad that reflux harness is in his dresser and not strapped around him anymore!

So we are in an up swing, and yes, being on the up swing for me means poop, no vomit, no sickness, and sleep. I'm so grateful, does it have to swing the other way now????


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that you and Alex are on the up swing. Have you started the sensory brushing yet? (I saw your posting on Matthew's site that you wanted to start brushing Alex.) We brush our daughter and it seems to help with her BMs, in terms of making her more regular.

Following Him said...

Love to hear/read that Alex is swinging up! Hang in there...I also read anon's comment about the helps with every sensitive thing, from tags to an area needed...from a former sensory brushed kid!

Imse said...

Happy New Year!

It made me happy to read that Alex haven`t thrown up in 11 days! I hope this up swing don`t stop!
My Hannah do throw up 10 times a day now ( she`s got the flu..).
Can I ask abbout his height, weight and age now?

Rebecca Jo said...

Hope you stay flying through the air for awhile on this up swing!!!

Chris and Emily said...

Gotta love an upswing - praying you don't have to come down anytime soon!!!

Cindy said...

Relish it! It will make you stronger when it comes down, and hopefully it won't be as bad the next time!

The VW's said...

I'm so happy for you, that your family is in an upswing right now! I love these times, but find myself worrying about the next batch of issues that are sure to come. Great idea with the tape! Thanks for sharing!

Kelly said...

Wow---11 days without throw up!!! Yippee.....

We have been in an up swing for a while now....maybe this will last for a while too.


Sara said...

Yay for being in an upswing! May you keep soaring high! :)

Hugs, Sara

Anonymous said...

seeing this picture reminded me of my son.. I used to retro-fit all his clothes to accomodate leads/lines.. those were the days.. Thank goodness I no longer have to take out the sewing machine just to make his clothes work..

I love hearing stories about Alex. For moms who watch/measure intakes by CCs & weigh diapers, just to make sure what comes in/come out.. I used to keep a log of food/fluids, pee/poop diapers.

Hold on & love that precious boy, for he is God sent