Monday, January 5, 2009

Un opened gifts, and old friends

Here we go....Back to school, back to "normal". My trip to Colorado was much too quick, but it was good. The boys were in great hands while I was gone, and that enabled me to relax, all though nothing could relax me on the 3 take offs, and 3 landings I had to endure. I hate that part! even though my dad insists that flying a huge aircraft up into the light, light air is ok because of some Italian guys law.

It was good to see everyone, most of them I hadn't seen since before I was pregnant with Alex. One of the hardest things was seeing the lone gift under the tree, un touched, wrapped with care for my grandpa. This was so unexpected, and now things seem to stand still without him. After the funeral we all drove to the little cafe that my grandpa would stop in at before heading up into the mountains, we ate a full order of biscuits and gravy, a side of sausage, (the size of a hamburger patty), and finished it all off by eating the strawberry jelly out of the little square package, just like he would do. This was also the meeting place where Tamara mom to sweet Abby, and I got to meet for the first time. She doesn't live too far away, and made the trip up to visit with me. She fit right in with my family, and although we couldn't agree on a good picture, so we settled for this silly one......
It was like visiting an old friend. Friends since childhood, but it was our two little "birds" at home that brought us together, and maybe our sense of humor, love for cheesecake, and need for the perfect picture that we just couldn't agree on:) Miss you Tamara.


Marissa said...

Some Italian guys are pretty smart. ;)

I am SO glad you got to meet Tamara. I just got in touch with her this weekend and I am hoping she can be our photographer for Marissa's Littlest Hero shoot, if we get approved. Looks like you guys had a great time.

Keep your sweet PaPaw alive in your heart by living your life the way he did and taking joy in the things he loved.

Next time you come to Colorado, under happier circumstances, we'll all have to meet up.

p.s. the word verification for me this time is butocks. I thought you might get a laugh out of that ;)


Cathy said...

I am sorry for the heavy heart when you saw the unopened present. But what wonderful memories of your Paw Paw you will have to cherish!

Now for jealously! You got to meet sweet Tamara! She is so kind about driving to meet us. I loved the day we got to spend together. Her children are so beautiful.
Your family is in my thoughts and prayers. Give Alex a big HUG!

Heather Devino said...

Hey Jess-I'm so sorry about your grandpa. Things have been crazy with Jaden home every day for Christmas. I'm just now getting around to reading my daily blogs. I pray for peace for you and your family in knowing that he is with Jesus. Love you. Heather

Kelly said...

Your visit with Tamara got me excited about our visit!! Yippee~~

Glad you are home safe and sound!


Aunt Nancy said...

What a beautiful tribute to your grandfather.

Nancy Robinson

ANewKindOfPerfect said...

As I said on Tamara's blog, I am SO jealous! I want to meet one of you great ladies. Someone needs to come to So. California!

Anonymous said...

Jess -

I know it's been a long while since we have talked - but I found your blog from Amanda's blog and read the story of your grandpa - I'm very sorry for your loss!

This story also made me think of your mom & dad - they probably don't know me, but ask them if they remember my aunt, Darla Painter Evans...

Also, I do want to congratulate you on your beautiful family! All three of your boys are so cute! I pray for a cure for little Alex!

Best wishes,